Will Devil May Cry 5's Next Expansion Focus On Lady & Trish Missions

Why supporting characters Lady and Trish should be the stars of their own DLC campaign in Devil May Cry 5 (and why this DLC may be coming soon).

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hulk_bash198761d ago

Hopefully, because they are sadly underutilized in DMC5.

zacfoldor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

The problem I had with DMC5 was flat out, loading. On PS4 Pro with an installed SSD loading was still painfully slow and frequent imo. I don't remember the specifics, but I made a note to self that the loading actually ruined the game for me. Some levels are very short(which is actually a big plus) but you don't get a lot of play for the loading times. The ratio of loading times to play was very bad for me. It made the game a real pain and kept me from wanting to really get proficient at it. Once I beat it, I changed games.

Ever since then, I've been saying I can't wait to play this one day with fast loading(I guess it was on PC, I just never wanted to rebuy it since it was so fresh). So, in the end, of all the games I played this gen, THIS is the game I feel would benefit BY FAR the most from fast loading times. DOS2 also could use some faster loading, but I think that is mainly because I reloaded so much.

SinisterKieran61d ago

yes...devil may cry : super special sucker eidtion

whitbyfox61d ago

Will next gen 120fps melt my brain? Only buying DMC5 to find out.