Xbox Series X's Seamless Transition Shows Why Backward Compatibility Matters

Console owners will soon get a taste of what PC owners have enjoyed for a very long time now.

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LordoftheCritics24d ago

BC is a pro consumer move in principle and function.

Rude-ro24d ago

No arguing that... but if it hinders progress by locking hardware and stifles innovative new techniques to offer a new gen gaming experience... then why focus on it?
Especially from a company that has not made a single new AAA game in 9 years.

Cool for an excuse to get through the worse gen offered in gaming...
but if the sales pitch is the 360 era once again... not MANY will get excited.

Tacoboto24d ago

The point you are trying to make is irrelevant and dismissive of the merit of BC.

Also... "Locking hardware" Sony *literally* influenced AMD's architecture by requiring compatibility modes to target PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Mr Logic24d ago

How are you defining AAA? Because in what world is Halo 5, Gears 4, Gears 5, Forza M, Forza H not AAA??

Rude-ro24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


No, it is not.
The best aspect, for Microsoft this gen, was last gen.
Now, with a 4tflop anchor for next gen and wanting to hold on to said gen tells you they are stagnant per advancements in game engines and the like.
It is stale.
Put as much make up on halo infinite... it is still a modified version of the base engine they have been using.
The Xbox is becoming your Walmart of gaming.
Nothing wrong with it... but not to the majority of actual gaming consumers.

The pc rips off people the same way.
That is why the only time gaming and pc is a topic in gaming is because of resolution and frames.
Why? To sell hardware every year.

Sony pushes technology.
That is their thing.
Microsoft is marketing and advertising...
And they spend millions selling you an idea but their products are always cheap.

GamerRN24d ago


Then PCs just really be holding back the gaming market with budget end PCs

smashman9824d ago

you sound like someone who thinks they know what they're talking about. You don't, but at least you sound like it.

Babadook724d ago (Edited 24d ago )

“”How are you defining AAA? Because in what world is Halo 5, Gears 4, Gears 5, Forza M, Forza H not AAA??

The question is how is he defining “new”?

Are those new IPs? Or recycled gameplay with a new coat of paint?

Tacoboto24d ago


If you're going to tag me, respond to what I actually said instead of furthering your irrelevant tangents.

Rude-ro24d ago


Well, when you use facts..

Tell me exactly what there is to look forward per Xbox?
Gamepass? For another subscription?
Microsoft literally has a free to play game on gamepass. It is multiplayer. You have to pay to play multiplayer on xbox.. in order to play said game in a subscription pay wall.

And I do not know what I am talking about. 🤔😂🤔

DJStotty23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


"Tell me exactly what there is to look forward per Xbox?"

All 1st party titles day 1 for free with gamepass, this includes Elder scrolls 6, and any other game Microsoft or Bethesda release, as well as EA's back catalogue of games with EA play, again for free, not $70 (EACH).

"Microsoft literally has a free to play game on gamepass. It is multiplayer. You have to pay to play multiplayer on xbox.. in order to play said game in a subscription pay wall."

Multiplayer (xbox live gold) is a part of gamepass, it is called Gamepass Ultimate, where you get Gold (multiplayer), Games with Gold, EA play, Xcloud, Gamepass console, Gamepass PC all for the same price per year, as 3 games on the PS5. I know which is the better option, 250+ games as opposed to 3 x $70 games per year, i've made my choice.

"And I do not know what I am talking about."

You keep telling yourself that sunshine, it may be true one day.

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blacktiger24d ago

I agree but i never played old generation game

NEXUS-624d ago

Same - once that next gen kicks off - it's all in on that. PS5 can't come quick enough.

Elwenil24d ago

This ^^^

I have never bought a new console and wanted to play old games on it. I'm 47, I've owned many of the major consoles released in my lifetime and still own a lot of them. But even with all of them around and a ton of physical games, I have only bothered to hook one up and play something a handful of times. The last one was my Atari 2600 and I played it about 10 years ago.

Your mileage may vary, but backward compatibility to me is just a gimmick, similar to the "Other OS" stuff from the fat PS3 or Nintendo NES' R.O.B. robot. Cool, but ultimately useless to most owners.

aconnellan24d ago

Plenty of people do though. It’s not like games like The Last of Us 2 stop existing once the PS5 launches, and there are people who either didn’t get a PS4 or didn’t get the game that would love to play it on new hardware because of sheer convenience

DJStotty23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


"I have never bought a new console and wanted to play old games on it."

"I've owned many of the major consoles released in my lifetime and still own a lot of them. But even with all of them around and a ton of physical games, I have only bothered to hook one up and play something a handful of times."

So you still play old games "a handful of times"

Say wouldn't it be good if you didn't have to keep hooking up those old consoles to play your games?

Wait a minute.... you can..... (Courtesy of the Xbox family :)

More to the point, the question is, why do you still have your old consoles if you don't care for old games?

DJStotty23d ago

I agree, what if a gamer buys a PS5, and then sees some great PS4 games?

So they should be forced to buy a PS4 to play 1 old game they may like? Or should they have the option to be able to play them on the PS5?

It is all about options, and xbox is the only one providing them.

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FanboysKiller23d ago

Microsoft believes in save progress, Sony believe in generations by hitting the reset button.

Battlestar2324d ago

I like the BC that Xbox i just wish it was proper BC not just check listed games. I have around 40/50 games from Xbox/Xbox 360 that are not playable on my One X.

NeoGamer23224d ago

As with the PC that is entirely up to the developer. There are PC games that are not BC as well.

I have even found that some games on 360 don't even work on 360 anymore.

But you are right... I have a few hundred 360 games that I would love to come to BC.

24d ago
Mr Logic24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

No, that's not how BC works on PC. PC is PC. Sometimes drivers, OS updates, etc. can break compatiblity, but there is almost always a way to restore functionality.

Also I would love to know a 360 game that doesn't work on 360 (obviously excluding MMO and other online only games)

NeoGamer23224d ago

@Mr Logic
To me, if a game doesn't work in the future on PC then it is not BC whether it is because of drivers or OS upgrades or whatever it really doesn't matter to me, it just won't work. Yes, there is often ways to make it work but not always, and sometimes making it work means you make something else not work. It is kind of a whack-a-mole situation.

As for 360 games, I did a whole exercise figuring out backlog games to play. There were several games delisted from the 360 store and when I went to run my local copies they would not run or they would run and not connect to XBox Live. It seems like MS Multi-factor authentication has something to do with some titles not working. I can't remember the exact titles though but they were mostly on the older side.

smashman9824d ago

"To me, if a game doesn't work in the future on PC then it is not BC whether it is because of drivers or OS upgrades or whatever it really doesn't matter to me, it just won't work. Yes, there is often ways to make it work but not always, and sometimes making it work means you make something else not work. It is kind of a whack-a-mole situation."

In other words, you're wrong but here are some qualifiers that make you right.

NeoGamer23224d ago

Not trying to be right or wrong...

I am just stating my opinion on what BC means.

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6996h22524d ago

Keep in mind they said more games would be added from Original Xbox and 360 as soon as this generation gets going. All of the games currently not checklisted just couldn't run on the OG Xbox One, I'm sure next E3 we get the part 2 announcement.

darthv7223d ago

More og and 360 games are coming to the bc program after ss/sx release.

They halted it on xbo to move over to the next gen systems.

6996h22524d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I do prefer the more lateral integration of the next generation. The fact that Xbox is just a continuum where fans don't have to worry about the future compatibilities is nice. I think Sony learned their lesson, and it's very realistic PS6 will play PS5/4, just sad PS1/2/3 is stranded. Though next-generation should absolutely have the horsepower to emulate those consoles, Sony doesn't have software engineer teams as good as Microsoft's they are a hardware company after all.

isarai24d ago

The silly part is there's no reason for PS1/2 to be "stranded" emulation for those are a breeze these days, especially for a professional team to tackle it wouldn't be hard at all. PS3 i can see being an issue cause of the complex CPU, but i think even that is doable with more effort.

Edgelordsupreme24d ago

Why let me pop a disk in when you can charge for GTA3 again on PSN?

smashman9824d ago

This 100%. There is a PS1 emulator and a PS2 emulator on the PS4 sony would rather charge for psn rerelease than to allow users access to their existing libraries.

Father__Merrin24d ago

backwards compatibility has never ever mattered before its being completely blown out of proportion by mostly USA based web outlets in a clear move to bolster Microsoft as the premiere gaming destination this generation with its Xbox. all we ever hear about is Gamepass + Backwards compatibility and NOTHING ELSE

derek24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

They've tried to give Microsoft a leg up this entire generation and failed, they'll fail again.

ApocalypseShadow24d ago

It's all they got.

They needed to push something when 500 million dollars of craig was a disappointment.

So, it's all game pass and BC.

aconnellan24d ago

MS has been developing and pushing for BC for years. To imply that they’re pushing it as a knee jerk reaction to halo Infinite’s disappointing showcase is to ignore that it’s been at the forefront of their messaging for like 70% of their time in this generation

Destiny108024d ago (Edited 24d ago )

it only plays 40 games from the original xbox catalogue, out of a possible 1000, That's 4%

they never mention this 96%

Father__Merrin24d ago

yes but tagline is 4 generations of xbox lol, but in all reality the push towards xbox seems so cringe and desperate their plans wont work

smashman9824d ago

How many ps1 games can we play on ps4 through backwards compatibility?
Ps2 games?
Ps3 Games?


Bathyj24d ago

They make it sound like every Xbox game ever plays. I only learned recently that this is not even close to true.

rlow124d ago

Oh yes, your laser perception of USA websites in the clutches of the evil Corp Microsoft and how they are pushing the world wide agenda of how awesome backwards compatibility is. This is the Major conspiracy of our times. How did that sound? Not as crazy as you sound.

Edgelordsupreme24d ago

I dont understand why he isn't banned, it's nothing but this childish crap.

smashman9824d ago

LOL As a PlayStation gamer I cannot understand why other PlayStation gamers hate BC. If we had full BC we would have access to the best catalog of games in the world. But instead of applauding a company for doing right by their customers PlayStation gamers (on N4G(Atleast the ones that comment) seem more interested in acting like they wouldn't love to have the feature themselves.

CaptainObvious87824d ago

umm, that's just how ms works. It's not some conspiracy, rlow, their agenda out in the open and plain to see.

That didn't invest in developers when they should have, so now that don't have any games to show, so they're forced to tell you how amazing BC and gamepass is.

But their smoke and mirrors PR is working on a lot of gullible people, unfortunately.

6996h22523d ago

Or, here's a thought, maybe in a world where Fortnite is the most popular game and games like Destiny, Warcraft, Warzone, and Overwatch exist backward compatibility is more important than ever because people are playing the same games over and over and want a commitment to keep those games playable on future platforms? Backward compatibility absolutely matters, that's why XSX and PS5 are 99% backward compatible. What an utterly silly dismissal of something that seems rather plain.

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yomfweeee24d ago

PS2 and PS3 had backwards compatibility. It wasn't that big of a deal. It is only good for the transition period when there aren't a lot of games for the new system. In the long run, old games will no longer be played by most people.

I'll certainly use it with my PS5 to play the collection games they'll over. But after a year, it isn't likely I'll play a PS4 game ever again.

Edgelordsupreme24d ago

It was a massive deal that the PS2 played PS1 games, and a lot of noise was made about the PS3s BC initially. I would also argue that if playing "old" games wasn't a driver for people, you wouldn't see things like FF7,8 and 9 on the PS4 and Xbox or the plethora of remastered 360/PS3 games.

I can respect your opinion that it isn't a big deal to you, thats a perfectly valid outlook on how you play games. For me personally, I like that I can go back and play Crazy Taxi, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Jet Grind Radio, SSX3 or RDR1 on an Xbox. The same way I enjoyed playing The Legend of Dragoon, FFTactics and Wipeout on my PS2.

If BC isn't a big deal to you, thats fine. But don't disparage it needlessly, its a pro consumer move and those should be applauded regardless of where its coming from.

yomfweeee24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

BC was removed from PS3 and it had zero effect on sales. Hardly anyone cared. This isn't my opinion, it is the truth. Sales don't lie. Sales did not drop when it was removed from PS3. The increased with the lower price.

PS4 had zero BC. X1 had a crap ton of it. X1 got slaughtered in sales.

Sony said it themselves. It is a feature people talk about a lot, but hardly use.

It is a nice feature. It is not a game changer. You all act like Microsoft was the first to do it on console.

And as always, you don't need BC to play old games. If you want the play PS2 games, hook up the system.

Edgelordsupreme24d ago

I just explained to you that my tv doesn't have composite or component inputs. I have no way of hooking up any consoles older than the 360 or PS3. You cant say no one cares about BC, and you can't point to the sales of the PS3 as if thats some kind of universal truth.

The Xbox One got slaughtered for a plethora of reasons, I'm not sure what your point is. If I had the option to play the PS3 version of Ni No Kuni I would have preferred that to buying it again. My whole view on BC is that software shouldn't be needlessly mothballed, its unnecessary and just punishes consumers.

I never said or "acted" like MS was the first to do Backwards Compatibility. Anyone who says something like that is obviously incorrect, though that being said I also don't know how that is valid statement in our conversation here.

I was respectful to you, and your opinion here. I can understand your viewpoint, and if BC isn't important to you that is absolutely fine. I simply stated that its pro consumer, and that is an irrefutable fact. So what I've gathered from your response is that this is just about your childish console war, you don't really care about the manufacturers valuing the money you invest into software. I guess some people enjoy masochism, and worshipping the idol of corporate brands.

yomfweeee23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Bring up sales makes me a fan boy? How can you ignore sales when you're claiming that this feature is all important?

Sony removed BC from PS3. Sales went up. Not down.

Microsoft surprised everyone by adding BC to X1 mid gen. What did it do for sales? Went up right? Nope, it did nothing, absolutely nothing.

Sony had zero BC this generation. Hurt their sales badly right? Nope. Smashed their competition.

BC is a nice feature, I already said that. But it is not important for most. Sony said it themselves. They had the data on the usage of BC on the PS3. They said it was rarely used.

Edgelordsupreme22d ago

Holy crap, I think you may have demonstrated some of the worst reading comprehension on this site. How can you be so obtuse to not realize the PS3 started selling more because it got cheaper with the removal of BC? Anyways keep on with the "damage control", its a really good look.

yomfweeee22d ago

Right, I'm the one with damage control. I've provided plenty of information to suggest that BC has no impact on sales.

PS3 removed it. Sales went up. Yes, the price was lower. How does that help your case? People weren't willing to pay extra for this feature you claim is so important.
PS4 didn't have it at all. System selling way better than previous gen.
X1 added it. Sales did not increase.

What data do you have that suggests BC is a system seller? I'll be waiting.

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