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"Moving AC Origins from an external SSD to the internal SSD took only 2 minutes and 18 seconds. The inverse, going from internal SSD to external SSD, took 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Probably most important, transferring from an external HDD to an internal SSD took 7 minutes and 46 seconds. Finally, moving from internal SSD to external HDD took 10 minutes and 36 seconds"

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DarthZoolu59d ago

YEP! So everyone please relax about the ssd drive sizes. PS5 XS/X will all be just fine with your HDD pc players have been moving games back and forth for years because of ssd cost. You can keep like 8 big games on your ssd at a time. I have more than 8 games but I haven't played more that 6 this month.

NeoGamer23259d ago

I still think the SSD drive size is a problem. But these preview videos over the past week have sold me on getting the new consoles. I will wait for more preview info on PS5, but XSX is coming home as soon as I can get my hands on one now.

There are a lot of current gen games I just haven't gotten to like Seikro and seeing that it is running easily at 60 FPS along with many other BC games I have not yet played will get framerate improvements. Plus the time it saves me in game-surfing will make the new consoles worth while right away.

But the SSD drive sizes are still a significant issue. I currently have 1 x 10 TB and 2 x 8 TB USB drives hooked up to my XBO X and am using about 24 TB of space. Downsizing to about 1.8 TB (I will buy the expansion) is a really sucky option. (Maybe keep the drives on the console but have to move stuff around as more games require the SSD). I hate moving stuff around even if it is relatively fast. I just like to sit down and play games.

1nsomniac59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

...yea if you want to wait up to 10 mins before you can play each game you haven’t got direct on the console.

This will likely be pretty much identical for PS5 also. The lack of storage in these new consoles is even more stupid than the choice of CPU’s last gen!

It’s going to create major problems for people, much, much, sooner than the CPUs ever did!

Computersaysno59d ago

"Pc players have been moving games back and forth for years because of ssd cost."

No they haven't. They likely have multiple drives and choose which one to install to depending on what they judge the game to need. I have had a 1TB SSD for nearly 5 years now and terabytes of slower storage, mind you even that is still much faster than the notebook HDDs inside PS4 and Xbox One.

If it's a game that will have long load times and cutting edge visuals then I know I want it on the SSD, if it isn't it just goes on the old HDDs and you don't notice. Crusader Kings 3? HDD. Disco Elysium? HDD. Flight sim? SSD.

The comedy of this situation is the 1TB SSD I bought 5 years ago cost the same back then as what Microsoft want for a 1TB SSD right now, despite prices having crashed in the past 5 years! Right now I can buy a 1TB SSD faster than Microsoft's setup for half the price.

They locked out people from using off the shelf SSDs just to rip you off. Enjoy next gen consoles.

DarthZoolu59d ago

@Computersayno having the ability to install multiple drives still doesn't make them any cheaper and yes PC owners myself included have been using ssds for a long time now and back when you could only get 100 GB drives without breaking the bank we were moving games back and forth. Unless you wanted to drop $500 on small SSD drives but most of us didn't so we just moved our games.

anubusgold59d ago

SSD drives are so cheap now i have 3 NVME drives 1Tb drives and 3 1Tb sata SSDs they were cheap and they work

anubusgold59d ago

Yes we do move games around since you are only suppose to fill a SSD to 80 percent or it slows down unless you buy those over priced intel drives that dont slow down when its full.

dcbronco58d ago

700gbs is more than enough for 7-10 games on your SSD. If you're going to pretend that you're playing more than that on a regular basis you're either going to be against this no matter what or just want to complain. In the time your hot pocket is in the microwave your game is transferred. If you are someone that plays a lot more games at any given time you are probably in the industry in some capacity so you can get a bigger drive and write it off on your taxes. But for the average gamer the current SSD along with an external hard drive is enough.

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CaptainHenry91659d ago

"Finally, moving from internal SSD to external HDD took 10 minutes and 36 seconds"

That's actually pretty long

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Software_Lover59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Depends on the size of the game of course. They should have tried Halo MCC or Gears of War.

Edit:These would have given a worst case scenario

blackblades59d ago

Its not that bad, why would someone transfer back and forth constantly anyways. It beats redownloading a game.

NotoriousWhiz59d ago

You answered your own question.

Gardenia59d ago

I was hoping for a lot faster. Downloading with high speed internet is almost the same.

arkard59d ago

So few people Have access to those kind of speeds. And even fewer are willing to pay for it

Zhipp59d ago

What kind of internet do you have? I was thinking that 50GB in 10 minutes is pretty dang good -- plus you don't have to worry about data caps.

To put this in perspective, the last game I installed from a disk was TLOU2, which took a little over 20 minutes. On a ps5/XBsX I could copy a game both to and from an external HDD in that time.

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ProjectVulcan59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

10.36 to move 50GB onto a cheap portable USB drive, but another 7.46 to move the 50GB back onto the internal drive.

You can run old games off an external drive. Fine. We know this. But new next gen games have to run off the machine's internal SSD or the expensive expansion.

So what matters here then is the TOTAL time, which is over 18 minutes spent shuffling games about. You'll spend 10 minutes moving a 50GB game to the external drive, and if you want to play it again, another 8 minutes to get it back. If it's a particularly large title, then those times are going to be over 35 minutes.

Much faster than redownloading the game, but not exactly next gen.

Either stump up decent dollars for an external SSD drive or big bucks for the proprietary drive to speed up the process or avoid doing it, because you will be doing it.....

You aren't going to be having a large library of games you can just dip into quick and play on a Series X, nevermind the tiny drive on the Series S. Not when we know over 200GB of the SSD is already reserved for Series X at least.

$50 extra for a cheap external HDD.
$100 for a cheap 1TB external SSD
$220 for internal SSD expansion

Your choice.

DJStotty59d ago

So set it transferring if you need to and then go make a brew.

Unless you plan on transferring 5+ games daily, then this really is not an issue

MajorLazer59d ago

Yeah, some people just lack patience.

Neonridr59d ago

Assuming you are moving a game off and then another back on immediately sure.

Computersaysno59d ago

You pretty much need to have external storage at some point in the near future with these consoles drives being so small so it's an extra cost of any new console that you buy. You have to factor that in.

Series S's just flat out too small for a digital only machine. Once you start adding in additional storage costs the value of the machine seems below par.

DarthZoolu59d ago

I'm trying to figure out how all of these people with jobs have time to play so many different games within a month. I work between 35 and 40 hours a week and I don't have time to play more than four to five different games within a month.

DJStotty58d ago

I already have external storage, won't cost me a dime.

DJStotty58d ago


"You aren't going to be having a large library of games you can just dip into quick and play on a Series X, nevermind the tiny drive on the Series S. Not when we know over 200GB of the SSD is already reserved for Series X at least."

This is an even more relevant issue for the PS5, seeing as though that internal SSD is only 825GB, with no details on what external SSD can actually run PS5 games.

At least with Series X, we know what our options are, PS5 we haven't a clue.

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chiefJohn11759d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Wow, screw the 1tb ssd card. I'm good with my 1td hdd external. I'm set for next gen baby

DJStotty58d ago

Iv'e already got a 2TB external also, i'm ready for the 10th!!!

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