This Is What a Bloodborne PS5 Remaster Could Look Like

Robert Ramsey of PushSquare writes, "Rumours of a Bloodborne remaster have been doing the rounds for a long, long time — but what would such a remaster actually look like? YouTube channel SnazzyAI gives us some idea, using AI to render some Bloodborne gameplay in 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second. God does it look good."

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ziggurcat23d ago

"Rumours of a Bloodborne remaster have been doing the rounds for a long, long time"

It's called PS+ Collection, which adds enhancements to those games on PS5.

porkChop23d ago

Enhancements? Where are you getting that from? The PlayStation blog post doesn't say anything about enhancements. It looks like they just play through BC.

ziggurcat23d ago

BC titles get some enhancements playing them on PS5.

Sunny1234523d ago

As much as I love bloodborne. Wold love to bloodborne 2 or sekiro 2. Enough with the remasters(demon souls excluded). Give us new games

sampsonon23d ago

"As much as I love bloodborne. Wold love to bloodborne 2 or sekiro 2. Enough with the remasters(demon souls excluded). Give us new games"

It's Sony not MS. New games is what they do.

CaptainHenry91622d ago

"Give us new games"

Are you joking?

Sony gave you more games than the competitor gave you this whole generation 🤔😄

FlavorLav0122d ago

Anything with a PS4 Pro patch or performance mode/unlocked frame rates like God of War, Nioh, and Horizon should all play with boosted frame rates at a minimum, same as SeriesX running old OneX enhanced games. Any other enhancements still aren’t disclosed yet unfortunately

Kyizen22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Sony said BC games get enhanced

"Here's what Sony has to say about PS4 games running better on PS5: "We’re expecting backward compatible titles will run at a boosted frequency on PS5 so that they can benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions."

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GoodGuy0923d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Well kind of enhanced. Just more stable framerates and resolutions (games with dynamic resolutions), and load times with the ps5 ssd which are expected for the better hardware. The ps5 will just boost the ps4 clock speed basically.
The actual enhancements only talked about are the ps4 to ps5 upgrades which isnt BC. Youre actually upgrading to the ps5 version.
A 4k and/or 60/120fps for BC would require a patch that needs to be done by the devs behind the game and I dont see much or even any devs doing that when theres no money to be earned there unless ofc they charge you or remaster the game and sell that. An old game like Witcher 3 for example will have a next gen version but also free if you already have the old gen version. Im no expert though so Im just guessing here lol.
With what sonys been doing, Im expecting them to also charge or remaster even newer games like ghost of tsushima and lou2 for ps5 enhancements. Bloodborne I am sure theyre remastering too with all the rumors.

Mithan22d ago

No, that isn't what people are talking about. That is just a "free game" on PSNow.

ziggurcat22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

You still get some enhancements playing a PS4 title on PS5 because there’s a PS5 boost mode.

There is no remaster or PC version, sorry.

masterfox23d ago

Bloodborne is so ahead of its time, some tweaks here and there it can easily be called a next gen game, just like any other Playstation exclusive just saying ;)

Army_of_Darkness23d ago

Next gen already started when the last of us 2 released 😬😎

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Sunny_D23d ago

Sorry this isn’t one of the shitty looking games you play.

Yeah so much 2d foliage... /s

CantThinkOfAUsername23d ago

@Sunny_D don't know what The Last of Us Part II has to do with what I said. I am talking about Bloodborne.

One doesn't go to SoulsBorne games for graphics, and it doesn't take away anything from Bloodborne (still a great game), but OP is stretching.

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ColeMacGrath23d ago

This looks impressive. I haven't beaten Bloodborne yet due to its difficulty but I might get back to it again on PS5.

S2Killinit23d ago

Hahaha dont tease me like this

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