Yakuza Like A Dragon Gets Stunning New Gameplay Videos Running on the PS5

SEGA has released some brand-new Yakuza Like A Dragon gameplay, running on the PS5 at 4K 60FPS. PS5 version releases March 2021.

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Another game running on the PS5!? Why not the Series X?

solideagle32d ago

I hope Turn Based JRPGs take full advantage of SSD for the combat. going in a battle and coming out of battle should be fast now or experience/winning screen should be in the background. DQ XI is one of the best turn based JRPG but battle system is so slow because of loading battle screen and winning pose etc

I am super excited for NO Loading in PS5 games :)

Muzikguy32d ago

Aren't they fast already? I mean after battles there's an action report which is kind of essential

Melankolis32d ago

Yeah i remember playing Lost Odyssey. I don't mind turn-based but the pre-battle scene, winning pose, pre-execution pose were slow as hell. Those unnecessary things...

Skywalker33332d ago

It is actually timed exclusive to Xbox Series X for next gen. It will come on PS5 in March but on XSX (and X1 and PC and PS4) it will be out in November

DerfDerf32d ago

It's PS5 because it's been Tokyo game show.

Sonyslave332d ago

Their footage of it running on xbox series s lol and it look just like the ps5

Bathyj32d ago

Man this is just getting embarrassing.

Xbox announce the game.
Timed exclusive.
Show PC footage

Sega announce Ps5 version
Show Ps5 footage.

These are the facts.

Seriously Microsoft if there's something wrong with your series X and you CAN'T show footage then just come out and say it because that's what we're all thinking is the case now. At this rate you won't see a series X game until it's in your house.

Maybe it should be timed on PS4 since it's clearly the only version ready.

IRetrouk32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The game is not for me, not really into turn based rpgs( i understand the love for them though), have to admit that the game looks clean, don't know if I'd say stunning but it looks good, nice to see more ps5 gameplay, makes me confident in that day 1 buy.

Not sure whats up at ms but 5 weeks to launch and not a single next gen game shown running, either they holding back and about to drop some bombs or something is wrong, as an xbox only fan id be worried, but it does not seem to be bothering them at all🤷‍♂️

Bathyj32d ago

Maybe they've got one spectacular thing to show and they want to do it just before launch so we don't have time to get bored with them.

IRetrouk32d ago

Yeah thats possible, i hope so, they need something.

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This looks phenomenal! Is this a new engine or just a revamped version of the Dragon Engine used in Judgement? Ryu Ga Gotoku nails these facial animations!

Darkwatchman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It’s just the Dragon Engine. It’s just now running at a higher resolution, being limited to 1080p on Pro and X with horrible image quality which limited the detail the player would see in the assets.

andy8532d ago

This looks really nice. There's so much coming out I may hold off getting the PS4 version and wait for this.

Bathyj32d ago

You should. I heard saves won't carry over

andy8532d ago

I get disagrees for saying it looks nice and saying I may wait for this version. Interesting website 🤣

31d ago
MeatyUrologist32d ago

Not a fan of the genre but from an unbiased perspective, there was nothing stunning looking there, at least graphically or animation wise. That wouldn't even be considered a good looking current gen game. Let's save the praise for where it is due.

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