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Xbox Series X back-compat tested: up to double the performance in the most demanding games

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GamerRN22d ago

This is without any specific optimisation. Looks like this gen is gonna change how generations work... Microsoft says no to generations while Sony says "maybe"

21d ago
GamerRN21d ago

Second... Last gen had the same architecture also

21d ago
Mithan21d ago

I am going to assume that generations will stick around, but it will follow the PC/iphone/ipad/android/smartph one formula, meaning... from now on all old games work on future hardware. However, who knows. The industry could easily switch to ARM in the future for example. That requires more work to get games playing on it.

GamerRN21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


Im referring to PS4 and X One as last gen

Also PS3 used custom Cell architecture

20d ago
GamerRN18d ago


I don't think Xbox will continue with generations. More like PC where you just but better hardware and it's considered all one generation. Better for the gaming industry because you don't have to start over each year with sales...

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro22d ago

No more 30fps garbage in older games, thank god. Now hopefully that'll be the case with the new games as well.

DarkZane22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Games that were capped at 30fps will still be 30fps unless the developer patch the game to unlock framerate. Of course, they only tested games with uncapped framerate. PS5 performance will be almost the same for older games with uncapped framerate, except they will load even faster.

Tacoboto22d ago

The PS5 SOC has compatibility modes to replicate the PS4 Pro and original PS4. Sony hasn't indicated what can/will happen with PS4 games that are not patched to be "PS5 compatible" (of which rumors say both TLOU2 and GoT already are, plus all games published after July or something are supposedly required).

The most they've officially said about BC is that 99% will be playable and that some are enhanced. But that may not necessarily mean all will be exploiting the more powerful CPU/GPU by default.

Mr Logic22d ago

@ Taco

Back when Cerny's presentation happened they were saying the top 100 titles are being enhanced. Could be more now, but it won't be less.

GamerRN22d ago

As of now, they have no backwards compatibility that does this automatically like the Series X

S2Killinit21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

PS5 will have the exact same thing as xbox. Its not like xbox has it because of some secret sauce. Better hardware leads to better performance as long as game’s Fps is not locked, thats all.

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Ashunderfire8622d ago

30FPS for The Medium on the Series X is confirmed, sorry to break it to you. But don't worry the Series X run 30 FPS games at a locked framerate with no dips in performance! Your going to get 30FPS ray tracing with 4K as smooth as a baby's bottom and movies!

Felix_Argyle_Catbro22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

30fps isn't smooth and console ray-tracing is a bad meme. I'll be playing all Series X games at 60fps, because every dev now includes modes for that in their console games. Except bad devs like The Medium devs.

ufo8mycat22d ago

Complete over exaggeration. Most games do NOT need 60 fps as they do not need the added precision and response like games that do NEED it. Like competitive FPS games and competitive fighting games. And before you say 30fps looks 'jittery' or 'not smooth', that is only the case when you immediately have been playing a 60 fps game, then switch straight to a 30fps game, but after 15 minutes, your eyes adjust and it becomes smoother, not as smooth as 60, but still smooth enough.

If you are that brain washed about 60fps, then go play on PC.

alb189922d ago

On certain games the developers will prefer 30 fps because of the effect they want to create. It doesn't have to be about power everytime.

DJStotty21d ago

Let's see what Ashunderfire86 says about the PS5 games running at 30fps in 4K, because there will be some.

Ashunderfire8621d ago


I wouldn't mine if PS5 has some games that are only 30FPS. You have to remember that the reason why 30FPS is still a thing, because developers want to show off the graphical bells and whistles with ray tracing on priority TV sets that don't have 60FPS. Both consoles are capable to have every game type of game run 60FPS all the way up to 4K and upscale to 8K! Next gen consoles no longer have those bottlenecks thanks to better AMD RDNA Graphics and Ryzen 2 CPU better than the Jaguar CPU from the last generation. Demon Souls at 1440p 60FPS looks better than any 4K game release from last generation! That's befcause Bluepoint games used 4K assets in the new Demon Souls remake.

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jwillj2k422d ago

I believe forza horizon 3 is still 30fps on Xbox s x. I don’t care about it, just providing clarity.

GamerRN21d ago

No, it's gets framerate upgrade to 60fps just not 4k

Marquinho22d ago

Microsoft keeps delivering and remains trending in media outlets and social media.

RgR22d ago

Wouldn't call BC delivering... They already had that this gen. Continuation of what they were already doing is what we have here.

Sophisticated_Chap22d ago

"They already had that this gen. Continuation of what they were already doing is what we have here."

Which is a good thing.

ColeMacGrath21d ago

"Wouldn't call BC delivering"

What does that even mean? delivering has nothing to do with things being new...

It's like saying your pizza isn't delivered today because you ordered before, it's "continuation".

Sirk7x21d ago

The point being, your entire Xbox library, and every game on Game Pass, which some people will just be getting into some of these games, will run better than they ever have on any console. Like they showed, you're getting twice the performance of the Xbox One X, WITHOUT any optimization patches whatsoever. I don't think it's going to be too hard for devs to do a bit of optimization for their games on the hardware, if they feel so inclined. MS might give them incentive to do so. Also, he was hinting that that the Compatibility division might have some things they are able to do as well, that he's not able to talk about yet.

DJStotty21d ago


"Wouldn't call BC delivering... They already had that this gen. Continuation of what they were already doing is what we have here."

So why are Sony striving to do the same?

JackBNimble21d ago

Would you say sony isn't delivering when it comes to BC as well ?
I'm pretty sure gamers are happy to be able to bring their library forward to next gen, especially gamers who buy digitally.

Just because you don't care means absolutely nothing.

RgR21d ago (Edited 21d ago )


Yes it a good thing and completely expected


In the context of video games "delivering" means to deliver something new and well done. They already delivered BC this gen and had announced its continuation into next gen. They cant deliver the same thing a second time. Its not like they said they would try to have BC next gen.

Yes I am aware and that is great. Its also expected with xbox since they already did the same this gen and they said they would continue the trend into next gen. There was never any doubt that they would have BC and that obviously the games would play better due to the better hardware.

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aaronaton22d ago

Do you think people outside of the US care about what's trending on twitter? Lol. Such a bubble.

Marquinho22d ago

Who mentioned Twitter?...

It's everywhere... YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even mainstream media. You just can't understimate the power of social media and MS made sure the Xbox Series had an overwhelming presence through all the year.

Ju22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Didn't do much for sales, though. If you go by that opinion, BC, it would have been the best thing since sliced bread. But yet, nobody bought an XBox One for that (well, and despite the superficial argument, all 360 games need to be patched to be "backwards compatible" which limits the library quite a bit).
That probably isn't needed for the XBox One to Series X games (and neither for PS4 games), but features other than the dynamic scaling (e.g. resolution or frame rate), those games will be exactly the same (1800p will be 1800p, a locked 30fps game will be 30fps). Framerate doubling needs to be patched in for example. HDR "upscaling" is free, though.

I am not that impressed, tbh. Some of those games struggle to hit 60fps; which I'd think a 100% faster GPU and a much faster CPU would not have a problem with. Or maybe that's just me (PS5 will have the same issues). I am a bit baffled why one would lead with that when trying to sell a $500 console without new content, though.

galmi22d ago

cant give xbox a win can you lol

Sirk7x21d ago

The entire industry seems pretty excited about the Series X. I don't think MS is paying off every website and tech-review Youtube channel lol.

Ju21d ago

Sure, First come first serve. And next week they'll be excited again.

MecheSlays21d ago

If you watched the df video the sx is using compatibility mode with BC games which doesn't use all the rdna2 gpu features as well as lower memory bandwidth.

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sinspirit21d ago

Why are you so vested in the public perception of the box?

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RaidenBlack22d ago

First X360 BC title to try during the full review: Witcher 2.

aaronaton22d ago

Imagine if MS didn't have decent BC? People would next to nothing to play on their newly purchased next gen console.
This BC en-devour by MS has been out of pure necessity.

Chris1222d ago

Really, what will you be playing Day 1? A remaster and some DLC?

BillyG0AT22d ago

A collection of backwards compatible games xD

mkis00722d ago

Thats like calling every halo, just dlc.

S2Killinit21d ago

Next gen games is what we will be playing. On a console that has them out the gate.

orakle4421d ago

Please inform us of what next gen game you will be playing, because if your're referring to the PS5 there's an expansion to a 2 year old Spiderman game, and a remake in Demon's Souls.

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headshotfrosty22d ago

Not like they just bought one of the biggest developers in the industry. I'm sure they'll be plenty ;)

itsmebryan22d ago

They have Bethesda. They have a game or two.

itsmebryan22d ago

Why not? They have a big catalog.

Marquinho22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Way to criticize positive things. Content is coming, you will also have the best version of multiplatform games on it and don't be surprised if Xbox has an equal or even better exclusive lineup for 2021 and beyond.

Some people deliberately ignore the fact that many newly acquired studios were announced just back in E3 2018. AAA games take longer to develop, but once they have all 23 studios (or more) releasing titles, the problem Microsoft will have will be to properly schedule their releases so they don't overlap between each other.

Ju22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

What makes you think it has the better multiplatform games? For one, loose 2 pixels in res but will load 2x faster. If that is what you guys are all so excited about (that is, e.g. 6sec vs. 12sec). Still can't see any "instant loading". I hold my judgement until we have things to compare. I still think there will be times where a 1440p game can look better than a 4k game, when you throw the exact same resources at it. But then, try to scale this down to 4Tf. Just saying. How is this supposed to work on an XX when it has to support its little brother? BC is not a problem. None of those games will run more than 1080p on the SX. So, that's not a fair comparison.

22d ago
sinspirit21d ago

Well, if it weren't already obvious. In his above comment he's obsessed with XBox looking good on social media, and in this comment to claim it may have a better 2021 exclusive line-up?

Some people deliberately ignore the fact that many newly acquired studios still don't have games ready. Keep talking the far away future. But, why would you think that 2021 would have some secret release schedule that could possibly rival so many heavy hitters from PS5?

S2Killinit21d ago

You are in for a real disappointment I think. Maybe not as epic as this gen was for xbox, because well thats really hard to top, but similar.

21d ago
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