Sony has started informing retailers of their PlayStation 5 launch day allocation

UK retailer ShopTo has begun emailing some PS5 pre-order customers to tell them they won’t receive the console on day one following a stock update from Sony.

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ClayRules20121392d ago

That’s a bummer. Sorry to hear this, bud. But strive to remain positive!

lalalala1392d ago

Surely ShopTo shouldn't have put up preorders if they can't guarantee a day 1 delivery.

itsmebryan1392d ago

Maybe their allotment was reduced. I cant see any retailer wanting angry customers.

morganfell1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


It is one shop that did something which they should not have. It makes the entire headline misleading. Amazon notified customers but not because Sony directed them to do so. In reality this story should be tagged as fake. The headline should read, "Sony informs retailer (singular). Even then it is borderline clickbait since it disguises the truth as to who is at fault.

GamerRN1391d ago


Gamestop also notified customers. Sorry bud, came from Sony directly

MajorLazer1392d ago

I am one of those people :( absolutely gutted and enraged. I had pre-registered a long time ago yet judging by the responses on Twitter, they allocated the pre-registers randomly, regardless of how early you did it. I'll still keep my preorder, but not guaranteed to be day one now :'(

IRetrouk1392d ago

When did you preregister? And did you hit the green preorder button when it went live? I preregistered the day they went live (13th july), hit preorder button when it went live (after the price reveal) and got my day 1 confirmed today, bit shitty if its random to be honest.

MajorLazer1391d ago

I preregistered around that time and confirmed the preorder the moment I got the email.

IRetrouk1391d ago

Thats messed up man, sorry to hear that, not fair at all.

1391d ago
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seanpitt231392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Stock seems very limited a lot of people are not going to get there console on launch day might be weeks later

Thinking back to PS4 I didn’t have a issue with preordering one and it came on release day

ziggurcat1392d ago

Yeah, my PS4 came right on launch day. I'm not expecting my PS5 to come on launch day. I'd be surprised if it did.

ziggurcat1392d ago

Covid's got nothing to do with that.

DJStotty1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Nothing to do with Covid, the consoles are still getting manufactured, which would have started months ago.

Businesses were closed for 3/4 months at the most, manufacturing hardly closed at all. I have been working all through the pandemic.

Funny how Covid only seems to be affecting 1 console manufacturer more than the other when both consoles are built in the same country.

People in China were back to work in May

seanpitt231391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

It’s not Covid in a manufacturing term I just think demand is more than its ever been because everybody is stuck in the house because of lockdown restrictions and new consoles will keep them entertained plus they are so cheap for what you are getting I joined the queue at a retailer online and within seconds of pre orders going live I was 48,089th in line that’s absolutely mind boggling the amount of people that’s going crazy for the ps5 and Xbox Is nuts

GamerRN1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

COVID certainly did slow the production and possibly delayed the start of manufacturing

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Shikoku1392d ago

We didn't have a global pandemic that shut the world down for month and months then either

Bobertt1392d ago

It's because of the pandemic, the shipping ports are backed up, air freight prices have gone up due to demand, and factories only reopened a few months ago so there will be delays. Xbox has the same issues, Amazon sent out an email saying those who preordered might not get it in time for launch. I remember at the start of summer i think it was Newegg who was have issues keeping stock and they said it was due to the ports being backed up overseas. When they reopened them all the shipments that were held up for months had to be let through first and then the governments around the world were reserving significant portions of freights for medical equipment for covid so there was less left over for everything else as there was a limit to how many ships they had. I think Newegg said they were only able to secure 25% of the normal amount of containers they would usually have for the month. I'm sure it has eased up a bit by now but there are still countries that have those restrictions and there should still be residual backup. I think Sony said they had to bite the bullet and pay for 60 air freight shipments to keep up with the demand.

knickstr1391d ago

Yeah, starting to think their statement of more PS5's available at launch than the PS4 launch was another lie. Jim Ryan has not been doing well.

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LoveSpuds1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Got my email from Shopto today confirming my pre order, I couldnt be happier, Shopto have never failed me yet, fair play.

Sorry to hear some are missing out, i hope UK retailers get news of more allocations shortly.

MajorLazer1392d ago

Lucky guy. When did you register interest or did you just preorder when it went live?

LoveSpuds1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Registered an interest back in March, as soon as the option became available. I do recognise I am lucky, sincerely hope every fan who wants one gets one.

I am considering giving mine up to a pal who is desperate for one for his young son for Christmas, but it will kill me not playing Demon Souls at launch.

MajorLazer1391d ago

Not playing Demon's Souls is the killer for me too :( No fear of spoilers given I've put in hundreds and hundreds of hours into the original 😋 But the wait will be absolutely brutal. As long as I can get one in 2020, or Jan 2021 by the latest it shouldn't be too unbearable.

LoveSpuds1391d ago

Yup, I imported my original Demon Souls from China back in the day as there was a time when it looked like other territories would not get a release. Fell in love with the genre from that moment on.

This sounds a bit niche, but I really want to hear their version of the Fat Official's laugh from the Stonefang tunnels. I adore that sound sample, I am immediately transported back to playing that game all those years ago 😂