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From The Verge: "I’ve spent the past week with an Xbox Series X in my living room. I’ve played a variety of games on this preview unit, testing load times, performance, and some of the new Series X features. I switched back to an older Xbox One X briefly during testing, and it was like going from cable internet back to the days of a 56k modem. That’s how much the Xbox Series X improves the games you already play every day. Everything just feels better."

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DJStotty30d ago

Sounding good, roll on the 10th!!!

4Sh0w30d ago

"I switched back to an older Xbox One X briefly during testing, and it was like going from cable internet back to the days of a 56k modem. That’s how much the Xbox Series X improves the games you already play every day. Everything just feels better."

-Nice, I love new tech that performs as advertised.

UltraNova30d ago

Now imagine what the PS5 will be able to do with twice as fast memory-I/O! These are truly next machines!

30d ago
Unspoken30d ago

^You think it might be like going from SSD to NVMe which was more than twice as fast of a jump(like 8x+)?

GamerRN30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


Twice as fast load times at the cost of a 20 to 30 percent power cost with unknown greater cost due to cpu gpu fluctuations


It's not like that because the XSX is NVME...

UltraNova29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


The power deficit doesn't worry me because I've seen and played Sony 1st party games and they lacked nothing on the visuals department, hell they were some of the best looking last gen.

What I want to see is Sony focusing on 2K-1800p and 60fps with the ps5(perhaps we will be surprised with an AMD DLSS equivalent that will output 4K at the cost of 1800p) that way they can give us the best of both worlds.

MS can use that extra horsepower but lean on 4K/60 where possible.

That said, this Series X preview has me super excited about next gen. Gone are the days of cumbersome menus and long-ass loading times!

Army_of_Darkness29d ago

So this guy essentially used next gen Hardware to play current gen games and got impressed by the improve performance??...... Seriously? Isn't it Expected by default?
I don't know about you all but the first thing I'd do when I get a next gen console would be to play a next-gen game. Otherwise, what's the point?

29d ago
DJStotty29d ago


One problem, the PS5 has not announced any feature that does this without optimisation.

bouzebbal29d ago

Now just missing the games that can take advantage of all this... Cross gen, old gen or multiplatform not the best to show off

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Bigman4k30d ago

I dont wanna see nothing about Xbox series x til i either can preorder one or get one

SpadeX30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You're not missing out on much tbh. Quick resume which was announced and previewed before, quicker loading times than One X, design and size difference between Series X and S in living room. All stuff we already saw before.

Oh I forgot the lame "british jokes".

SpadeX30d ago

Looking at the disagrees, I wonder what is it that triggered those people... If it's the last line, that was literally a quote from the guy and he's British himself, not trying to offend anyone.

RangerWalk26730d ago

I think you're getting disagrees because of the fanboyism. If any generation of consoles should/could end being a fanboy that limit's oneself to only owning one box, it's this coming generation. Both have something the other one doesn't. The argument that Xbox has "no games" is over. They now have 23 1st party studios making exclusive games. Let's all just be gamer's. If you can't afford both, then hush up and have fun with the one you pick.

SpadeX30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


I hope you weren't referring to me with the fanboyism because I'm certainly getting both consoles. I'm more than excited to own both this time than any previous generation. I'm really not sure where my comment has any indication of fanboyism, I've only stated my opinion on the video not the consoles.

mrsolidsteel2029d ago


I have to admit that I’m impressed with some of the older titles being able to run at solid 60fps and we all should tip our hats to MS and team for accomplishing that. I just realize GTA 4 on the series X will be the only version to run at a solid 60fps. The PC version of this game is just disgusting how poorly it runs.

In any case, you’re right about this particular showing, these are the same exact features that MS displayed to us earlier this year and not much has changed.

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Bigman4k30d ago

Must've been something i said 😂😂

30d ago
crazyCoconuts30d ago

"The Xbox One had a fast resume feature to let you swap between games, but it felt like it never really worked properly or games didn’t support it. " - is that really a problem? I didn't hear ppl complaining about that

DerfDerf30d ago

Never had an issue with it

glennhkboy30d ago

@VersusDMC Other articles state that you can have a maximum of 6 games on the fast resume list. Current XBox only support 1 game, the very last game you played.

VersusDMC30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well all the current gen systems have a "fast resume" system for only one game at a time and several game starts has never been available on consoles before. One of the promises of next gen is that you can have several games running at the same time. And "fast resume" has never not worked on my PS4, switch,3DS or Verge is again talking out of their ass again.

There are several other series x articles by knowledgeable people so don't get misinformed by this one...for proof of their "competence" search on you tube "Verge gaming PC reaction" for laughs.

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Marquinho30d ago

I expected better for TheVerge. Plenty of mistakes (and bad jokes). Still, the Series X is a very exciting piece of hardware.

gravedigger30d ago

Loadings are fast. kHM.....RDR2 says hello!

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