Xbox Series X Hands-On: Load Times, Quick Resume, and Compatibility - IGN

From IGN: "First a word on the console itself: It is hefty, but in a good way. When you hold it, it feels like a premium, $500 thing, for whatever that’s worth. When you turn it on, the box makes the same startup chime the Xbox One family of consoles do, and I’m a bit disappointed in that, honestly. I get the consistency, but I’d have liked a new sound. While I’m speaking subjectively, I think the Series X also looks very nice in its vertical orientation. It looks bold and assertive in your entertainment center, with the concave, green-tinted vent perforations on the top adding a really nice visual appeal. I can’t say the same when it’s laying on its side; it looks more like a fireplace log."

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BigBosss28d ago

I must admit, that is significantly fast when it comes to switching to other games, loading times, exploring dashboard and so forth. I sadly will not get the SXS because I'm building a new PC with the new specs and have already pre ordered PS5 :)

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Thunder_G0d_Bane28d ago

Pc is the way to go.

I will have a ps5 and I got a switch for their exclusives.

lonewolf1028d ago

PC and Switch for me, no Sony only exclusives announced so far that warrant the console yet (I hope that changes as Sony's first party output is second to none at the moment).

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CaptainHenry91628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I got my new GPU but I'm waiting for the new cpu's to come out. I also noticed that the price went up on Windows gamepass. That sucks especially since it's not on par with the Xbox version

Sirk7x27d ago

Hope you really enjoy the PS5 man. I'll hopefully be getting one in the near future once some more games are announced and released, and I have seen more of it in action. I managed to snag a Series X pre-order, and couldn't be more excited for launch day. Gonna be a good holiday lol.

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no_more_heroes28d ago

This is without any optimizations, as well as being a prototype unit. Definitely getting more and more exited for both next gen consoles! Saving from now for the $1160.92 splurge lol!

Iceball200028d ago

Honestly, not that quick. But I could see it getting better with age.

DJStotty28d ago

But a lot faster than the xbox one X running the same game.

Games that are optimised/built for Series X will see the greatest reduction in load times.

Christopher28d ago

Yes, but keep your expectations tempered. XSX games by default will take more to load, so reduced loading might equal about the same in the end as what we see here. It is, after all, processing a lot more, just in the same time as those presented here.

DJStotty27d ago


The xbox one games running on the Series X have no optimisation so do not use any SSD feature set.

Games built for the Series X will be built specifically with the SSD features and Series X architecture in mind.

Saigon28d ago

You have to admit that was fast; and in time it will only get better!!!

Nitrowolf228d ago

compared to what though? They cut some games load from 2min to a little over 30 seconds, on old titles that aren't even optimized

stevej33628d ago

::checks comment history:: ok this comment makes sense.

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Games1st28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Quiet and quick, good job Xbox. 802gb of usable space. Fireplace log lol.

28d ago
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