The most up-close PS5 controller images yet show previously unseen detail

Peripheral firm shares snaps of the DualSense pad.

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sushimama28d ago

Dem buttons gonna light up my life

VenomUK28d ago

It's almost October. It's about time Sony gives us the full breakdown of the PS5, the hardware, the controller the UI and how backwards compatibility work. Not leave it so long everything is leaked by third-parties.

28d ago
smashman9828d ago

Rumor is on the 5th of October things will start trickling out. A lot of reviewers are getting their console.

I agree though I don't like how long sony is making us wait for this. We got a pretty good breakdown in Feb 2013 for the ps4 9 months before release, and here we are with a little over a month to go and I don't even know if I can play persona 5 royal on my console, or if the ps store will get another redesign, or if I can order Doordash straight through psn.

GamingSinceForever28d ago

Just to be safe you may as well buy a Series X because we know they have nothing to hide right?

Seriously either stop whining and be patient or move on with your wallet.

GottaBjimmyb28d ago

That thing looks insanely well built, I still hate the left stick placement, but that is just a preference thing, this looks like one of the best stock controllers I have ever seen, will only know for sure when I get it in person, but it is impressive looking at least.

Evan_Beezy28d ago

It’s not just a preference it’s a proven ergonomics fact, the left stick should accommodate vertical movement since it’s primarily used for forward movement.

MASTER_RAIDEN28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

For sure. As excited as I am to finally get ahold of what looks to be an even-beefier PlayStation controller, I can’t help but think that it can only ever be so good because the stick placement holds it back. It’s gotten to the point where I use an adapter to play my ps4 using an Xbox controller for everything besides fighting games- which the one controller still works well for in a pinch. The DualShock 4 on the other hand, I would never use for a shooter or platformer, given that i have another option.

someone7228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Ergonomics fact? Lol

Keep telling yourself that. I’ve read no research papers on the placement of the analog stick, and I’m willing to bet you haven’t as well.

I’d say it’s certainly a matter of preference as GottaBjimmyb said. I know I absolutely prefer and as a result, play better on the asymmetric analogs, however, I fully understand that for many the opposite is true.

That aside, this is a nice looking controller, anxious to get my hands on one.

Babadook728d ago (Edited 28d ago )

“It’s not just a preference it’s a proven ergonomics fact, the left stick should accommodate vertical movement since it’s primarily used for forward movement.”

And if true, Xbox has done it wrong this whole time as pushing the thumb stick forward is easier from the side (and without bending at the joint) where you have better control.

kneon28d ago


Ergonomic? That's a joke. The only reason it's like that is so it wouldn't look like a PlayStation controller. That's it, end of story. But now you're used to it and need to convince yourself it's better that way.

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GamerRN28d ago

Reminds me of iRobot ... Also I'm worried that colored on screen prompts are now meaningless since it's monotone...

I still would prefer black with the colors on the buttons

purple10128d ago

So I'm a Sony fan but still, this is looking like the best controller ever made in the $60 range.

RememberThe35728d ago

My only questions right now have to do with back buttons/elite controller and if they've addressed the stick drift that hit almost every DS4 I've owned. But you're right, it seems to offer a lot at 70 bucks.

Rude-ro28d ago

It didn’t have stuck drift.. it had Bluetooth connection interference issues that caused the drifting.
Not saying it to make seem less of an issue, but that was the issue and yes, I hope this issue is fixed.

28d ago
jznrpg28d ago

Stick drift? I literally have 7 controllers and not one of them has stick drift . 2 Black , 1 Blue Raspberry , 1 Metallic Blue , 1 anniversary edition 1 silver 1 snow camouflage

Muzikguy28d ago

I have 3 controllers 2 with stick drift. It is real. Pretty sure it's from FPS games

RememberThe35728d ago

Why the hell is it so common for people to think things they don't personally experience don't happen at all? Like my four controllers with stick drift are some myth.

Muzikguy28d ago

I don't know why it's common but I could fancy a couple guesses. I don't want to get flagged though 😂

MajorLazer28d ago

I've had 4 PS4 controllers so far and 3 of them have had stick drift. I bought my most recent one about 5 months ago and just 3 months later it started getting crazy stick drift. Annoying when playing online first person shooters.

FreeFallFrenzy28d ago

I have four controllers and 1 of them has stick drift but very slightly. Still a nuisance. It's my oldest launch console controller though. The two newer model ones I have are absolutely perfect. I'm guessing the DualSense controllers will have this ironed out. Hopefully.

Neonridr28d ago

@Remember - I'm called a liar because my Switch joycons DON'T have drift. So go figure.

I have 4 DS4's none with stick drift. But my 25th Anniversary DS4 had the left trigger lock up completely on me. Not sure what caused it but I can't depress it at all, it's stuck.

ziggurcat28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


I've only had 4 PS4 controllers this gen, 2 of them had stick drift. One just flared up while playing Ghost of Tsushima, and it's too late to just go out and buy a new one with the PS5 just around the corner, so I'm just dealing with it until then.

No Way28d ago

"Because something doesn't or hasn't happened to me, then that means it hasn't happened to you!"

- Jznrpg

RememberThe35728d ago

I love how this comment is just getting thrashed 😂 fk yal

JimmyDM9027d ago

I have two launch DS4s. One has stick drift, both had the rubber completely deteriorate off their thumb sticks.

27d ago
P_Bomb27d ago

Just to add to the drift convo. I’ve had it on 3 out of my 4 controllers. Even the one that came with my PS4 Pro last year. Only my gold one is still hanging on proper. Darndest thing.

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SullysCigar28d ago

This controller looks so comfortable. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Axonometri28d ago

Wish they could have made room for led backlit buttons.. but she does look nice to get your hands on

Gamble2028d ago

Then people would have complained about the extremely slight decrease in battery life for backlighting buttons.

GottaBjimmyb28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I would definitely complain, who the hell looks at the buttons while they play? The design they went with look A+ to me.

Muzikguy28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I wouldn't have wanted backlit buttons. Sure they look nice but they serve no purpose

MajorLazer28d ago

Useless feature. Same as the current led lighting on the DS4

generic-user-name28d ago

That light is literally vital for tracking psvr games.