Lewis: 'There's no need to cut 360 price'

Microsoft's European boss has dismissed suggestions that an Xbox 360 'spoiler' price cut is due ahead of PS3's launch – and highlighted the premium consumers will have to pay for the Sony console.
Regional VP of the EMEA home and entertainment division Chris Lewis spoke to MCV following news that the Seattle giant had reduced its forecast for Xbox 360 sales to the end of June to 12 million (from 13-15 million).

"There are no plans [for a cut]," he said. "We're offering outstanding value and choice – especially when you compare us to our soon-to-be competitor."

Whilst boasting of "a great Christmas", which has notched up the PAL shipment-to-date figure to 3.1m, Lewis admitted that Microsoft is slightly more "cautious" about sales in the second half of its fiscal year.

"We looked at three things before we made this adjustment: the historical seasonality of sales during the period, the pricing of the product and inventory levels that we have already sold to retailers," he offered. "We are taking a more cautious view of the market and our second half revenue, and console guidance reflects this."

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Boink4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

especially in europe, right before ps3 launch, would have some interesting effects;)

PS360WII4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

why do you think xbox should be cut in price? It's still being bought at the current and is still hunderends cheaper than the ps3 no matter which territory it's in. MS could sure but why waste all that money when people still buy it at the regular price

gogators4867d ago

in market dominence, then a price drop would be a powerfully competative move. The 360 is still priced to high IMO. The 360 has the games, with a very good 2007 line-up. If you want to really put some nails in your competitor, Sony; then drop the price on your product. It is a great valve, but it's still priced to high for securing market domination.