Discussing The Unique Free-To-Play Model Of Genshin Impact With Developer 'miHoYo' On Launch Day

PSU sits down with Genshin Impact PS4 developer to discuss the unique free-to-play model of the RPG which is out this week on PlayStation 4.

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phoenixwing426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I'm buying the adventurers pack and that's it. Only buying guaranteed pulls and even then I'll decide if it's worth it. I really wish they had made it one time payment of 60 bucks. Still gonna try it out

426d ago
TimelessDbz426d ago

If it was a one time purchase then the game wouldn't get any meaningful or rapid updates.

GoodGuy09426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

This shouldve just been a $60 game without the MTs. But its mihoyo and theyre also doing a mobile release so it was pretty much impossible. I hope the storys actually progressable without MTs unlike their other games that make it impossible after 3 or so chapters. Their games are very pay2win. If its like this, I will indeed drop it quick lol.

phoenixwing426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Yeah if it's just a pay to win I'm not paying. I'll waste my money on ff14 if that's the case.

Almightsponge425d ago

Its a single player/coop game. Im about 12 hours in and am amazed with the game. Haven't spent a cent

drizzom426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

God I hate that this awful model got as prevalent as it is today. It utterly ruins what would otherwise be a pretty decent game.