PS5 DualSense Controller Images of Internals Posted to Instagram

Sony hasn't shown a teardown video of the DualSense controller but someone managed to get their hands on one and has opened it all up.

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sushimama28d ago

I sure do hope I never see the inside of mine. Playing Demon's Souls, it may take everything I have not to throw my precious straight into the wall. But I should be ok, this gen I managed to earn a black belt in couch slapping. When I've been wronged during games, there is nowhere my couch can hide Lmao

SullysCigar28d ago

Lmao I'm a couch slapper too!

Wait.. that came out wrong. 🤔

bouzebbal28d ago

You don't tear a controller down only when it's broken.. You can mod them, add cool features or buttons.

28d ago
Hikoran28d ago

I'm more of a leg slapper this gen, too many controllers previous generation were destroyed!

28d ago
BQ3228d ago

lol, it only took me until my late 30s to finally stop breaking things playing games. I do now have a box of controller components all disassembled in case I need parts to fix one though haha.

ZeroBlue228d ago

I'm more of a "shout explatives" type.

RyanDJ28d ago

I tend to be a rather specific "left hand palm open extended arm at a 45 degree angle, right hand frantically mashing x, mouth agape, with random utterances sounding similar to "what the how the i just i already where did huh" emanating from my mouth.

quenomamen28d ago

Bruh, you know couch slapping is one of the highest form of abuse that is rarely reported in the U.S ? I got your name, buddy and I will filing a report ASAP. Couch Lives Matter you sombitch.....

Bleucrunch28d ago

I empathize....I still slap my table....gotta work on the couch thing.

TitaniumExposed_VIP28d ago

I'm a "Souls veteran", but believe it or not the thought of throwing my controller never crossed my mind lol I imagine people are half joking when they say this stuff but it would be a hilarious thing to witness not gonna lie.

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phoenixwing28d ago

Damn that looks super complicated xD we have the technology

Master-Tonberry28d ago

Where are the little Astrobots? more Sony lies!

bouzebbal28d ago

Lmao was wondering the same.. Law suit and hate articles incoming

28d ago
SullysCigar28d ago

Astrobot cloaking device CONFIRMED!

isarai28d ago

Missing Astrobot promise shows Sony has lost touch.

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The story is too old to be commented.