Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Tokyo Game Show Gameplay Footage with English Subtitles

GameXplain and Pepsaur have put together an English subtitled video for the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity gameplay from Tokyo Game Show.

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Games1st910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

"Yesterday, we couldn't show many actions with Impa" *switches back to link*

ZeekQuattro909d ago

I feel like the roster is going to take a big hit compared to the original Hyrule Warriors release unfortunately. Other then that I can't wait to play this.

Jeriphro909d ago

I agree. But who knows? Maybe for the sake of the story they are just showing off the Champions and Zelda to help build the story towards the release of BOTW2. It would be nice to see all of the characters from before make their return, but I do have a feeling they won't be on the cartridge and will instead be paid DLC. Ugh.

hanko14909d ago

they ve tried this and it wasnt that great. should of left it as it is