PlayStation Plus Annual Subs Available for $29.39 in the US

If you’re eager to extend your PlayStation Plus subscription ahead of the PlayStation 5’s launch, then you probably won’t find a better deal than this in the United States. CD Keys currently has 12-month codes available for $29.39, which is effectively a 52 per cent saving. That means you could, in theory, get two years of PS Plus for the price of one.

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Droppedez33d ago

Got 2 more years of PS plus cheap thanks.

Bathyj33d ago

Is there a limit to how much you can stack?

Bathyj33d ago

So are you saying Playstation Plus has no limits?


DarXyde33d ago

"So are you saying Playstation Plus has no limits?"

Get out.

UltraNova33d ago

Common CD keys where's the love for us in the EU?

Magatsuhi33d ago

How do they manage to get low prices for these things?

gamer780433d ago

resellers, some bought on the cheap legitimately or others could even be stolen

tombfan33d ago

mmmmmmm really hard to stole keys for plus, they need to be activated when you purchase them and that can only happen with official distributors.

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The story is too old to be commented.