Can Amazon Luna Succeed Where Google Stadia Failed?

With a strong model, impressive technical infrastructure, and a low bar of entry, Luna looks set to thrive where Stadia stumbled.

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Vits26d ago

I think that it already have two huge advantages over Stadia. It's subscription based, so the enter price is slower while the benefits are higher. And it have the full backing of Twitch, so if Amazon play their cards right they could get a respectable userbase from there.

But streaming as a whole is not something that I see becoming a dominant force now. However in 5-10 years it will probably be much more mainstream.

26d ago
CrimsonWing6925d ago


The reason is due to how established Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are. Then you have PC gaming.

Nobody who is serious about gaming would choose Amazon over those options. MS already has xCloud. Unless, by some act of god, Amazon can secure big name exclusives I see this being as “successful” as Stadia.

blepcoChrid25d ago

Their success is going to be 100% dependent on their catalogue. I can't imagine paying for both Luna and Microsoft's service, as they'll undoubtedly share titles.