Jim Ryan: PS5 Launch Lineup of Exclusives Is by Far the Strongest We've Ever Had

SIE boss Jim Ryan said that the PlayStation 5 launch lineup of exclusives is by far the strongest Sony has ever had compared with previous PlayStation consoles.

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Jin_Sakai476d ago

I agree. Can’t wait to pick up Demons Souls and Spider-Man Miles Morales day 1.

Then we have Ratchet & Clank Ripped Apart, God of War, Horizon: Forbidden West, Returnal, and GT7 to look forward to.

GetGud476d ago

omg Jin you are here....for did you survive this long? can you make me a samurai-like you...also sorry for your uncle.

Jin_Sakai476d ago

Got to stick around if you want a sequel. 😉

Thanks for the regards to my uncle. Losing a great samurai isn’t easy.

CS7476d ago

Spoilers!!!!!!! Don’t do this to your fellow gamers. Please please I beg delete your comments. Allow people to enjoy the story.

(Had many games for me spoilt in comments sections. Please consider before you reference spoilers)

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bouzebbal475d ago

I won't call this line up the best ever, I think ps2 has the crown as far as line up quality goes. It had incredible variety and quality.
Timesplitters, Tekken Tag, Ridge Racer, SSX, Evergrace Street Fighter and so much more

475d ago
bouzebbal475d ago

You earned the platinum trophy of moron of the month ..

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tehpees3476d ago

I disagree with Jim. Vita was better and had more variety.

tehpees3475d ago

There were 12 titles from Sony at that launch including Uncharted, Wipeout, Little Deviants and Super Stardust. It is just a fact it was better. Stop using Vita's long term failure to undermine the launch lineup.

sushimama475d ago

I meant, we're talkng about consoles here, not hand helds

GamerRN476d ago

I disagree... God of War came out years ago, Miles Morales is DLC, Horizon is a year away, GT7 is distant, Ratchet and Clank might be the most tech demo-y game of the bunch...

I honestly think I liked PS4 launch better... I think this gen both systems are weak in the exclusive area, and 3rd party games are the bulk of the interest

SullysCigar476d ago

Well one had exclusives and one doesn't.

StormSnooper476d ago

Well, knowing that PlayStation delivers more games via exclusives, it’s a no brained. Nothing wrong with getting a second console though.

Levii_92476d ago

You liked KZ Shadowfall and Knack better.. can you be more in denial ? 😂

sushimama476d ago

I got a PS2 a PS3 a PS4 and Vita at launch....


GamerRN475d ago

Nope not in denial... Ratchet is basically Knack for this gen, and Miles Morales is DLC. That's it for exclusives at launch unless the remake of Demon Souls is ready... Remakes and DLC and we are supposed to be excited?

That being said I still pre-ordered both systems lol...

Man people get so defensive...I bought both still. I'm just more excited for Last of Us Remastered Upgrade and God of War upgrade

generic-user-name475d ago

GoW 2 is out 2021.
Miles Morales is not DLC, parroting this won't make it true.
Horizon is 2021.
GT7 you could be right.
Ratchet and Clank is the ONLY game
doing things that aren't remotely possible on current gen.
Demon's Souls is a launch day release and it alone will be a killer title, a ground up remake of one of the best games nobody played.

morganfell475d ago

No gamerrn. Harry Truman said when I see an animal that looks like a duck walks like a duck and quacks like a duck I call that animal a duck. You can make all the claims you wish but anyone that’s looked at your post history can see how far you lean to one side. Make all the claims you want about owning whatever consoles you want and how you pre-ordered the PS5, but the way you post makes everything crystal clear and invalidates any of your remarks on the PlayStation5 launch suite

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outsider1624475d ago

"Ratchet and Clank might be the most tech demo-y game of the bunch..."

You say you're gonna buy both, own both, whatever..but what you said here just proved you're the biggest MS fanboy.

As for Spiderman..a DLC ? Really? Ok .ill take the DlC for anything MS has in offer? What is it? Any exclusives that it has? Anything at all? Yeah i thought so.

TheExecutioner475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Reading your comment i no wonder why you got 38 disagree

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MightyHealthy475d ago

Agreed GamerRN.
Btw, nice avi

fever475d ago

It was the case PlayStation had more exclusives but Xbox started buying everyone. So it's going to be interesting

Neonridr475d ago

man.. people get so angry in here over a damn box. So protective.

RgR475d ago

God of war ragnarok hasn't come out yet so I'm confused with this.
Horizon is likely early next year or mid year.
Ratchet and must not have played the remake. It's not tech demoey at all.
Miles morales ...we shall see

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jairusmonillas475d ago

Why are people forgetting Godfall is also day 1 launch release and also a PS5 exclusive.

IRetrouk475d ago

I aint forgot, day 1 on that

derektweed1474d ago

Because it's 3rd party an also on PC

boing1475d ago

I think we can also look backward a bit. They should drop the updates for Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. Those are system sellers on PS4 and they should be system sellers on PS5 too. I have a friend with Xbox that wants to play GoT but he's waiting for PS5 because it would be stupid to buy PS4 now.

OG_TK_Cole475d ago

Im definitely looking forward to playing Demons Souls again.

OptimusDK475d ago

All the games you talk about here are they realy launch games. Please show the actual launch games here
- they are at best mediocre. We have Demon Souls - a remake that will be good not doubt and Spiderman - but in reality it is a 4-6 hour DLC that plays on PS4. Then you have Ranchet and Clank - that looks good but it is not a blockbuster title. And then you have some bought time exclusives.

If this is Sony's best launch setup it is more because they have a different approach to launching a console. They always end a console generation with a BANG and then greatness awaits. They have done that successfully 2 times before and they will this time again. But NO it is in no way a stellar launch.

derektweed1474d ago

I just realised, it's probably on purpose. They know people will buy the new consoles on launch anyway and go out with a bang when the want to entice the last people who still haven't gotten one yet.

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Phantom68475d ago

@Jin_sakai, I miss you!
Since I completed GOT I can't stop thinking about the amazing time we spent together on that adventure.
Nice bum LMAO :)

475d ago
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Silly gameAr476d ago

It is looking pretty damn good.

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sushimama476d ago

You ain't wrong. Woohooooo !!!!

ps360owner09476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

I agree. Compared to their previous console launches this one has the best lineup in my opinion.