InXile Studio Head: We're Working On Wonderful New RPGs

In a reply to a fan on Twitter, InXile Studio head, Brian Fargo, mentions how the team are working on "wonderful" new RPGs and noted how the second game is still in the early stages of its life.

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phoenixwing24d ago

rpg's are what i wanna hear about :D

CaptainHenry91623d ago

All RPG are not great though. There's a lot of mediocre ones 🙊

23d ago
Lore24d ago

Real fortunate for Xbox players. My favorite genre. Crazy how Sony has been in the industry from near it’s inception yet are nowhere to be found with their 1st party studios

Exvalos24d ago

Huh? What are you smoking? Nowhere to be found?

Jericho133724d ago

Think he/she means RPGs from Sony. It’s the one genre PlayStation is desperately lacking (western ones anyway).

phoenixwing24d ago

I agree to a point. horizon zero dawn was a good action rpg to me. But yeah they rarely ever make jrpg's or rpg's for that matter. They're lucky japanese companies partner with them to make tons of jrpg's for them but once everyone gets those which has been happening more and more then the playstation brand becomes less relevant to me with each multiplat release that was once playstation only.

Lore23d ago

Yes my mistake that was written horribly. RPG’s. Whether it be JRPG’s and/or WRPG’s.

Sony should be embarrassed. Sick and tired of doing the same things in all their action/adventure games - Uncharted, Days Gone, Last of Us, Horizon ZD, Spider-man, etc:

Find ammunition
Pick up said ammunition
Reload weapon
Kill badguys
Find collectibles
Upgrade minimalistic skill trees that only progress combat related exchanges.
Rinse & repeat. Literally no thought process involved. Overly surface level.

I enjoyed games like this 10+ years ago, but they’ve become stale. You know what never becomes stale? The multi-layered synergistic gameplay systems integrated into RPG’s. It’s why The Witcher 3, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc. can sell over 50 million copies over a consistent span of time. They’re timeless and offer depth that isn’t mindless and gets repetitive after 2 hours of play.

Want to earn perk points? Want to earn progress from every single thing you do in the game like travel/exploration, combat, weapon use, lock picking, want to also level your individual character aside from all that other leveling? Don’t mind if I do.

Oh also want to earn currency towards building/customizing your own properties? But you’ll face a dilemma because you may need to use it for the abundance of other items you may need to put that money towards. “Enjoy the freedom of those choices.”

DarthZoolu23d ago

That's why I don't have a Playstation. I love RPGs but I hate cinematic single player games. HZD is the only Sony game I would like to play. Which is strange because PS2 was an RPG machine.

Asuka23d ago

I thought I was the only one that felt this way. Always get a lot of down votes whenever I mention that Sony's 1st parties feel all the same. *Bring on the downvotes*

ApocalypseShadow23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Ridiculous. The same thing can be said for RPGs of doing the same things over and over. Same can be said for open world, fighting, etc.

Guess you're not including Microsoft in that they should be embarrassed for not only not having RPGs, but regular games as well. And canceling Fable.

Yeah. Sony should be embarrassed for award winning racing, action, platformers, adventure, puzzles, VR, etc. They should hide themselves in shame after this generation of domination. And supporting games like Ni no Kuni, FFXV" etc./S

Inxile making more RPGs is good. But they have to release first and be accepted as good. Mages Tale for example was a decent VR game. But it wasn't amazing.

RgR23d ago

You do realize playstation is Chuck full of these kinds of rpgs right?

Sure hope you're actually joking...if not please do tell which xbox games you're referring to

Lore23d ago


Yea at some point it all becomes repetitive? The difference is the length/depth of the cycle. The cycle of gameplay systems in RPG’s is significantly longer than that of action/adventure games. RPG devs provide an abundance of non-mandatory gameplay systems to appease the mind.

Look at Cyberpunk. Literally every single thing you do in the game has programming coded into the game to allow for “progress” of some sort. If a player gets bored of managing their skill tree progress and leveling up their individual character, no problem they can take on a quest to earn currency to go and customize their apartment. But guess what, during that quest they not only just leveled up their specific weapon (key in satisfying hormone being released in the gamers’ hypothalamus), but they also just stumbled upon not only an optional side quest/objective, but also a secret location on the horizon and also a new upgrade to enhance their vehicle/mode of transportation (ding ding key in another hypothalamus hormonal secretion). Waves of satisfaction. Requires extremely hard work and dedication which is why I will always have far more respect for RPG devs than any other genre. Period.

ironmonkey23d ago

Funny you named everything an xbox does not have congratz on your pountless rant

Lore23d ago


I’m a gamer, I do not pick console sides nor am I saying Xbox is better than Playstation. I only have a PS5 preordered and won’t get the Series X until 2022 when all the 1st party RPG studios release their games. I am stating my displeasure with Sony’s lack of investment in 1st party RPG studios. Nothing more

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RgR23d ago

Well Im pretty sure Sony is content with getting all those jrpgs and rpgsalready from other developers...there is no shortage of them....

Single player experiences on the other hand is much more needed in the industry.

Omegasyde23d ago

I also think Sony left the JRPG/RPG market due to investment. I’d love Sony to have a studio do a wrpg ala Cyberpunk/Fallout style, but it’s all about return on investment.

This is why I see the Bethesda deal sorta neutral for atleast 2 years and the branching off to exclusives after. It will most likely start with preorder Exclusives.

The good thing is the Bethesda acquisition will put Sony on their toes and hopefully branch out to other genres

Lore23d ago

You good sir, just had the statement of the day. You are correct.

If you pay attention to how Sony operates, they are a “business” first and foremost. S. Yoshida admitted that the development cost of Rogue Galaxy was not only double the cost of other 1st/2nd party games they were developing at the time (all non-RPG’s), but it also sold far less. The issue with this logic is that you could blame that on a number of things. For instance, the game was marketed horribly - you can’t blame Level-5 for that, Sony was the Publisher on the title.

Yes here’s hoping this does indeed put Sony on their toes regarding the genre. They put so much love and care into their 1st party titles, which is why I constantly advocate for them to create RPG’s.

Bruh23d ago

Sony doesn't really need to invest in those genres because they know JRPGs will typically only come to them and Western RPG were mostly 3rd party until Xbox started buying them all up

CaptainHenry91623d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Last time I checked Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG 😁

Lore23d ago

1. Did you just source wikipedia for your reference?

2. You can call it an RPG all you like. When compared to traditional RPG’s, it is clear as day that it doesn’t hold a candle to them. Assassin’s Creed is more of an RPG now than HZD is. You can technically call anything nowadays an RPG that has an open world and if the character levels up.

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Obscure_Observer24d ago

TWO new AAA RPGs from InXile O.o

Xbox is the house of RPG games!

In Phil we trust!

littletad24d ago

King of Western I'd say, but still lacking on JRPG scene. If they could snag Sega or just a regular japanese developer, they'd be pretty set.

Wrex36923d ago

Yeah no sane person would say they have JRPGs down. And just me but i think they had to do a little begging to get the ones they have deals with now.

littletad23d ago


Remind me again how many time-exclusive deals Sony has or tried to acquire? Would you consider that begging? I think Microsoft was pretty damn slow in buying studios and making sure they had people who were committed to the xbox brand. Like Spencer and current CEO of MS. They had a lot of bad buyouts, like Rare and Bungie, but I think in my opinion they've been much smarter.

RaidenBlack23d ago

Scalebound devs are still interested in resuming development.
Just bring it back as an Action-RPG.

enkiduxiv24d ago

Hell yeah! Fable, Fable 2, Scalebound... Fable 3...

They are definitely the king of RPGs. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Omegasyde23d ago

Two or more years from now you might eat your words.

23d ago
RaidenBlack23d ago

Scalebound is still doable.
Devs are still interested.

Chriswheeler2224d ago

Let's not pretend these are gonna be AAA titles by any stretch.

I'm expecting AA Eurojank like spider studios.

phoenixwing23d ago

I like spiders last game so sign me up

waverider23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Dude, your last words are scary... The dude destroyed rpg's and talks like a salesman.

CaptainObvious87823d ago

So Philly Specs signs a blank cheque and magically all of his lies and hypocrisy and the fact the xsx is launching with zero exclusives is forgotten.


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jznrpg24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Inxile has made decent games but nothing big before as they made A or AA games only . I always bought their games at 20$ or less . Of course they will say they are making great games but let’s see them make one AAA game before getting too hyped .

gamer780423d ago

Hunted was excellent. Like gears of war but fantasy based with coop

gamer780424d ago

Same here I’d love to also hear about a third person rpg or even an action rpg that’s coop like hunted was.

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