Yakuza Hollywood Movie Confirmed

A Yakuza Hollywood movie has been confirmed at Tokyo Game Show by Toshihiro Nagoshi himself.

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NEXUS-667d ago

They better go for an adult rating, it couldn't be anything else - could it?

phoenixwing67d ago

I don't know how well this will translate into a hollywood movie tbh. Alot of the over the top battling is fine in a video game but doesn't make much sense in a movie unless they somehow make it like kung fu hustle where it's for comedic affect.

RPGer67d ago

Cringe, mediocre Action movie is incoming

Blank67d ago

Oh cmon! Please let me dream that it has a chance to be epic and properly done! By the way I do agree with you but have, delusional? Positivity!

UltraNova67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Sorry friend, but its a Hollywood adaptation so it will most probably suck. If it was a Japanese production though...

Dee_9166d ago

i would be mad as hell, but i think the fans wont allow that to happen.
im sure no one wants another Sonic situation

stefd7567d ago

There already is a Yakuza movie, I have it on dvd

Dark_Overlord66d ago

And it's pretty damn good too :)

stefd7566d ago

Well... I would not say its good

Dark_Overlord66d ago

I enjoyed it :) I think it'll be better than whatever Hollywood spews out XD

Storm2367d ago

Starring Mark Wahlberg....

MajorLazer66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Or The Rock. Equally possible and frightening.

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