Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness CG Animated Series Coming to Netflix in 2021

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness -- a brand new CG animated series coming to Netflix in 2021, was revealed with a trailer posted on Twitter.

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BigBosss23d ago

Cant wait! Also, where is the TV series?

ZeekQuattro23d ago

Claire sporting a look very similair to her Revelations 2 model while Leon is channeling Ada Wong and looks like a super spy. Lol I look forward to this.

Gamerking8223d ago

Nah Claire looks no where near like that god awful Revelations 2 model with her big ass nose.

Gamerking8223d ago

Nice loved the previous CG movies in the series. But ill just forget all about all those god awful live ation crap.

23d ago
MADGameR23d ago

Ladies and gentleman. THIS is what TRUE Resident Evil REALLY is. Not that RE8 BS.

GoodGuy0923d ago

Lol the RE story is all over the place. Who knows what the canon even is anymore...

roadkillers23d ago

This looks like it is set in a house like RE7...

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