Report: Final Fantasy 16 Will Have a Mature Rating

A recent newsletter sent out by Square Enix may have just confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will have a M rating.

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UnSelf24d ago (Edited 24d ago )



Will be my first Final Fantasy game. So excited!

Exvalos23d ago

You should really, play the Final Fantasy 7 remake it's a great entry point for first timers to final fantasy


Yup. Planning in doing so. Wondering what PS5 enhancements FF7R will get.

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GoodGuy0924d ago

Will be quite interesting. Last ff game with an M rating was probably type-0 that I can remember and that wasnt even a mainline ff.

Skate-AK23d ago

I believe that is the only M rated FF.

Eamon23d ago

FFvs13 was most likely going to be an M-rated game. The early trailers had blood and gore in it.

I reckon that FF16 isn't that far off from being finished. No way will S-E release an M-rated game on a mega-budget like FF7R which took 5 years to make. The article states how Madam M massage scene had to be toned down to keep it T-rated.

If FF16 has been under development for at least a year, then it's possible that it might be out sometime late next year or 2022 max. If however it goes into classic FF development hell, then expect blood to be removed.

phoenixwing24d ago

I did get the vibes this was a darker story when they showed the trailer but I'm still surprised it's going to be m just because se usually want to appeal to a large audience

excaliburps23d ago

Yep. Same. I always assumed FF titles were kid friendly since most associate the franchise with relatively wholesomeness.

porkChop23d ago

Some of the games, such as FF VIII, deal with some really adult-oriented themes. I wouldn't say the series is kid friendly.

LightofDarkness23d ago

Yeah, it's about time they acquiesce to the reality that FF is really not for a general audience. The most successful SP games this gen are all squarely in the T or M rating category anyway, they might as well embrace the darker tones in their games.

Teflon0223d ago

Games can be bought online alot more these days meaning not many ppl will have issues getting the games. Plus GTA sells god like numbers, as well as CoD so I don't think they got much to worry about

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