Tekken 7 Reveals Kunimitsu as New DLC Character; Passes 6 Million Copies Shipped

Today Bandai Namco announced a brand new DLC character coming to its popular fighting game Tekken 7.

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BQ3223d ago

Whatever, just waiting on that Virtua Fighter X Esports now. I am so sick of the over the top characters and move sets of all these fighting games. Can't wait to play something where the style and the animations mimic and recreate real world martial arts techniques.

autobotdan23d ago

Yeah you and me both... bring us Virtua Fighter X Sega

Chaos_Order23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I'm a huge Tekken fan but I think Tekken 7 has gone overboard. So many of the new characters (especially DLC) feel out of place. Noctis, Negan, Akuma and Geese especially. (Not hating SF or KoF but I don't think they mix well with Tekken)

I've never played VF but I would welcome a new game in the series to sink my teeth into. Always liked the look of Goh and his grapple setups.

BQ3223d ago

You won't regret it, it has a simplified control scheme but the depth of moves, and how technical the movement, guarding, setups, and escapes are is just amazing. Many players might use the same combos with the same fighter but you can be successful with any character using completely different styles and methods. It is really amazing coming up against another good player in a mirror match and watch them use the character in a completely different way. It also is a game without an etched in stone tier list. It is truly the only fighter I can think of where you can pick the character that appeals to you via style and aesthetics and not worry about how uneven their matchups will be against other characters. My wife and I still play it on xbox one bc when we stay in drinking. She will take a drink for every fight she loses and I will take 3 for every round I lose lmao, good times.

generic-user-name23d ago

I don't think those characters are out of place in a series where you have devils, bears, kangaroos and a boxing velociraptor.

Chaos_Order23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


I meant out of place in terms of playstyle and capabilities. Noctis, for example, having a safe, full screen whiff punish, is completely unlike anything Tekken has ever had. Same goes for Geese/Akuma and their fireballs / super moves.

23d ago
Terry_B23d ago

However, just 3 characters in Season 4..wonder if they still want 30 bucks lol.

kingPoS22d ago

Still got my fingers cross that Mokujin aka 'the carousel' makes a triumphant return.

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Edito22d ago

I'm a huge Tekken fan but I feel like they became very greedy... Ok they promised those base characters but cmon for me it doesn't feel right how the game is being managed,

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