Does The Success Of Left 4 Dead The Last Stand Tell Valve That The Franchise Is Still Viable

The Last Stand update has arrived for Left 4 Dead and in a new Opinion Piece; Skewed and Reviewed asks if the success of the update will send Valve a message that there is still demand and life in the franchise.

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SickSinceSix26d ago

Still waiting for more news on Turtle Rock's Back 4 Blood, the games original creators spiritual successor to the series.

Garethvk26d ago

Great points. I was thinking about that game today and how we have had very little news. I am sure part of it was due to it being on Next Generation which I would think would have to be a given but it would be nice to get an update. Perhaps at the Video Game Awards.

FlyingFoxy26d ago

A trailer is likely due any time now, all we've seen so far is a teaser image and mocap gifs

Garethvk26d ago

The big question is where or when. I wonder if E3 had happened and had things been normal if we would have seen something then. The other possibility is as I said at the Video Game Awards as that has become a new outlet for announcements in recent years. They may just opt to drop it without an event but you have to wonder. That and the Alien shooter are long overdue for some information.

Garethvk26d ago

The fact that they are partnered with WB Interactive may be part of the issue as if the rumors of WB shopping the game division to a buyer they may not be willing to announce what they have should the new buyer come in and make changes or shut things down.

Giblet_Head26d ago

Probably true. AT&T's been in a lot of debt as of late and it's affecting many of their subsidiaries, including WarnerMedia.

addictedtochaos26d ago

I wish Left 4 Dead (both games) would be brought to PS and Switch.

Garethvk26d ago

Very good points as well. You know there would be a demand to play on the go.

JEECE25d ago

This would be awesome. People say dumb things like "there are so many games like that now." But there aren't.

HyperMoused25d ago

L4D and Vermintide, thats all i can think off

Profchaos26d ago

They know their is and admitted they dropped the ball over the last decade with game releases bring less of a priority which means they might be looking at resuming production on some new and old ips

Garethvk26d ago

It is I believe a safe bet. Can you image how well a new Half Life, Left 4 Dead, and Portal game would do. Now make them for PC, PS5, Xbox Series S/X and possibly include Cross Play. Unless it was utter garbage they would sell like mad.

Mrmartir30525d ago

I sincerely think we may one day get left 4 dead 3. After we get half life 3 since the ending of alyx basically teases you that it's happening. All a matter of time, but wouldn't be surprised if we get a VR version prior to it . Also back 4 blood should fill the need while we wait

QuePasa8725d ago

Of course it's still viable but they don't care