Have You Ever Been Too Dumb for a Puzzle Game?

Puzzle games are some of the most enduring and memorable experiences in the medium but they can also be incredibly frustrating.

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potatoseal26d ago

Bloody love puzzle games. One of the best of all time is The Witness

NecrumOddBoy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The Witness is a friggin masterpiece. I got the platinum in that. I wish they tied more trophies to the other puzzles. Also, I bet there’s a lot of secrets yet to be found. The best parts weren’t the main puzzles and even more so was the hidden art all around. What a mind blowing take on “perspective.”

potatoseal25d ago

It's an experience I will never forget. My fav puzzle game of all time. I never got the Platinum, because that 'secret' timed puzzle had me falling just short, over and over again. So I had to abandon it. Well done on getting the Platinum, that's quite the trophy

Tiqila25d ago

I was bored fast with this, solved like the first twenty puzzles and they were all the same...

Baba Is You is a great puzzle game.

potatoseal25d ago

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. The first 20? smh

isarai26d ago

The ONLY puzzle game that was just too much for me was The Witness. It was really cool for a while, then things just started getting really obtuse and i just wasn't having fun anymore.

Knushwood Butt25d ago

It kind of lost me too. There were bits where there didn't seem to be any clues how to solve a whole sequence of puzzles and I was just doing it trial and error. After a while I just thought, why am I playing this when I could be playing something else?

SamPao25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I am playing "the turing test" right now, very fun game. Might give the witness a try after I finish it