Phil Spencer says Xbox is ‘absolutely planning’ for more consoles in future

Streaming innovation doesn’t mean the end of devices, Head of Xbox says.

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chrisx34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Xbox series one x edition s confirmed.

SyntheticForm34d ago

Xbox One X Series X One Two X

GamerRN34d ago

Playstation 5.5 Semi Pro All Digital Deluxe SSD Edition...

See I can play that game too

waderae34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

this comes in a Xbox One X Series One Two X.... box.

northpaws34d ago


What game? PS was always just 1,2,3,4,5, no game there.

Xbox in the other hand... XBox, XBox 360, XBox One S/X, XBox Series S/X

I heard they want to make it XBox is always just XBox with a few different series like phones... Which I don't understand, as all phones have a number to go with them as well... iPhone 1,2,3... Pixel 1,2,3... we always know which one is older, which one is newer... until Xbox thinks counting is too hard and want to do a naming convention not designed for human.

georeo34d ago

I knew it was a joke but I was still confused trying to say it outloud lol

arkard34d ago


Not very well judging by the downvotes

RightFootGames34d ago

And it'll be less powerful than the current X console cause ya know that's how you do generations.

Sophisticated_Chap34d ago

PS5 gamers would be quick to get the special SSD Edition PS5 Pro LMAO

LordoftheCritics34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

If they add the 'pro' moniker we are fked.

Even their working titles Scorpio and Scarlett were great names. Wtf happened???

34d ago
DOMination-33d ago

True fact here, Xbox abandoned the numbering because they were a generation behind Sony and from a marketing point of view Xbox 3 sounds worse than PS4 hence why they went with 360. What they've done since then has been stupid and confusing though

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darthv7234d ago

I know you are having fun but that "x" in your name shows you really do care. Xbox family welcomes you with open controllers Chris. 😉😉😉

chrisx34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Lol I owned an OG xbox and a 360 along with the PS's. I've been in the 'family' but had to let go after some real questionable decisions I observed. Also I go where the great SP games are..

Tear11134d ago

I don't know why the console war?!

Yeah I'm PS fan

But still I would like to see axbox fan having fun with there console years on

Sitdown34d ago

How are you all missing the obvious ones:
Xbox Series X²
Xbox Series XX
Xbox Series XL
Xbox Series 2X
Xbox Two Series X
Xbox Two X

RgR33d ago

But that kne might be region locked to the USA

1Victor34d ago

Sure thing the future is bright /S
Do you guys actually believe he would tell people if this was the last Xbox think about it, he will say it’s going to be forever and ever if it means more sales.

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TranceHop 34d ago

Xbox 720 X sounds dope lol. Great news that they'll still be making consoles in the future.

Profchaos34d ago

Probably when the ps launches the ps7 for the same reason they didn't make a Xbox 2

RgR33d ago

At some point they're gonna start naming them skateboarding terms.

ElementX34d ago

Streaming isn't going to be the future for quite a while

Sunny_D34d ago

Don’t be so sure. Amazon just announced Luna as well as Google with Stadia. The tech giants are looking to get a piece of the pie and no doubt more acquisitions will be made in the future by all of these companies. The future of the industry is going to be looking different very soon.

NEXUS-634d ago

Sunny - and you support that? Soulless companies coming in and destroying the very fabric of gaming? Look how long ms has been in console gaming and what have they done?

Not the future I want.

Profchaos34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The tech giants are under the impression that there is an untapped market of gamers who don't want to buy gaming devices but still be able to play games on their mobiles.

It's the same people that though Zynga was going to take over the industry bean counters that look at statistics more than products. They want the crowd that the wii had your grandma and mum playing Wii sports or FarmVille maybe they will jump back into gaming if it's not complex and requires no setup.

The harsh reality is that crowd isn't a viable market and we've seen many companies try to appeal to those people and fail. but they keep trying because that's where the pot of gold is.
I honestly believe that's the nature of cloud gaming to appeal to those parents and non gamers that they don't need a console or a PC but their family can always have the best games at thier fingertips.

Sunny_D34d ago


Not supporting it at all. I'm actually scared of it to be honest. I'm just stating what I think is being observed in the industry and that it's coming at a much faster rate than we think.

Melankolis34d ago

Right. If any of them buy Ubisoft, EA, Activision, the future looks bleak to me.
You've got many disagrees and i can tell many people don't understand what you mean.

derek34d ago

@Sunny, don't be so sure. The Tech giants have a history of abandoning projects that don't prove too successful in beginning.

RgR33d ago

Well the difference with this pie is that this is not directed towards the hardcore gamer.

In order to become mainstream it must pass the hardcore gamers first and then it dwindles down to the casuals.

Streaming still has it's issues so they're a little early. I can see casuals ignoring streaming and sticking to playing phone games instead.

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Profchaos34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I love VR but you're correct Its niche right now it's slowly securing more and more games like hitman 3 and star wars squadrons but not every game should or needs to be VR but I want to see how they play next gen way more need to be done to refine tracking but I can see VR taking off long before cloud gaming does.

33d ago
Nanas33d ago

Something has to be done about internet providers around the world first.

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Fishy Fingers34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

3-4 years we'll see another mid gen (GPU) upgrade.

Ausbo33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Doubtful. The series x and ps5 gpus are powerful enough for a 6 year gen

GetGud34d ago

I don't know why Phil is going with Xbox Series X or S or any other such name. He should just name it Xbox PS (Xbox Phil Spencer, wait, does that make Phil a pony).

TornRaptor34d ago

Why do you want to ride him?