Former President of Rockstar North has Raised $42 Million for a GTA Rival of His Own

Leslie Benzies is one of the masterminds behind the GTA series. However, he left the studio back in 2016. He had sued Take-Two Interactive for $150 million in unpaid royalties after he was allegedly trying to be forced out by the company after taking a sabbatical. The claim was settled in 2018.

The year before the lawsuit was settled, he went on to create his own development studio, Build a Rocket Boy. He has brought over many former Rockstar employees that have helped build past GTA titles.

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Profchaos269d ago

It's not just himself he's taken a lot of animators and developers with him I don't typically get all that excited by people branching off and doing their own thing as the results are normally average at best but these guys seem pretty special to me as some of the most innovative thinkers that produced abive industry standard results for franchises that by all rights should have fizzled out but 20 years later are still the highest rated games

UnSelf269d ago

Hey, Leslie.

I have the prefect treatment for a novel video game concept. How do i pitch it to you?

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The7Reaper269d ago

Social media, email or you can go old school and stalk him and corner him in his favorite coffee shop.

N4G definitely isn't the place because I'm willing to bet he's never even heard of this website.

TheColbertinator269d ago

Curve ball on the right pocket.

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phoenixwing269d ago

stop talking about what everyone already knows

RPGer269d ago

Comparing two very different approaches is wrong. These two companies are totally different in everything except for developing games. Also, CDPR does only have The Witcher trilogy as a hit and the widely successful game is 3. While Rockstar have many titles and many successful stories since two decades.

They just stopped and switched to the remaster/port and online benfits since GTAV. Non of their games are even comparable. + We have yet to see Cyperpunk 2077. As recent practices we can CDPR>Rockstar, but overall they are completely differents.

roadkillers269d ago

Agree'd. Rockstar has a legacy of great games. It is too bad that it now takes 4+ studios and 4+ years each game.

ajax17268d ago

nah, they're pretty equal

Lord_Sloth269d ago

Hey, Leslie, can you make the controls a little better, please?

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The story is too old to be commented.