Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online update out now (version 1.7.0)

An update is now available for Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online.

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Greatball1987972d ago

The dripfeed continues for the umpteenth time.

myfathersbastard972d ago

The update adds Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, Mario’s Super Picross, and The Peace Keepers

fitofficial972d ago

Imagine having access to one of the greatest libraries of games to give to consumers and the best you can do is Mario Picross.

NES/SNES online are huge disappointments.

bow2yoda972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

there are a lot of licencing issues when it comes to that. those people that made the games need to give permission to do these things. over the years, some ip's have been purchased and sold over and over with random financial incentives... some ips may be lost forever. if you want the full library, the switch homebrew community has you covered on many different levels.

fitofficial972d ago

I've never understood defending a lackluster product by saying "well, if you hack it to play roms and do things the company selling it considers illegal... "

NES/SNES Online are terrible products and not worth the money. End of story.

hangdang972d ago

Lol @fitofficial it's 20 bucks for a year and you get a decent little library of games. It's not TERRIBLE

Soy972d ago

Everything Nintendo does online is a disappointment in some way.

972d ago