Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Campaign Gameplay

Here is a look at the new Last Stand mission campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. It was great to get new content and hopefully this will motivate Valve to make more.

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ABizzel130d ago

OMG they're trash -_- so many times he should have used his pipebomb, stayed with the others, I hate seeing gameplay from the perspective of someone who sucks.

Garethvk30d ago

Post yours as I would love to see it.

Garethvk30d ago

Completed it on the next try.

Razmiran30d ago

Whoever played this should stick to visual novels cause shooters ain't their thing

Garethvk30d ago

Yet I had one of the highest kill counts of the match so there is that. I would love to see yours as it is easy to talk and quite another to do. Plus I would love to see how well you do at a game you have not played in years your first time back.

ChrisW29d ago

SIGH... Stop replying. Nobody cares, and you shouldn't either.