Sega Is Getting Ahead Of Itself With Virtua Fighter Esports Teaser

It happened. Sega actually mentioned Virtua Fighter; not as part of some diversion in a Yakuza game, but as its own, like, thing.

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Viking_mo25d ago

It looks to be a remake or reboot. Either way im ok with it. But man this TGS was god awful

Greatball198725d ago

Reboot would be great for newcomers. I never followed the stories or really got into the games, but I'd be willing to try again.

BQ3225d ago

Greatest fighting game series of all time and not even close imo.

25d ago
blackblades24d ago

Its been trash for years now. I use watch E3 then gamescon and then TGS. Pass few years its been crap and 2020 made it even worst.

Cueil25d ago

look a stupid take from Kotaku... another day ending in Y