Xbox is Getting More Than Just Games With the Bethesda Acquisition

The most expensive acquisition in gaming history comes with more than simply some of the most beloved Bethesda games of the past few decades.

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waverider26d ago

Monopoly and Microsoft. I think ive never heard nobody talk about that....

darthv7225d ago

Because there isnt one. If they got EA, Activision and Ubisoft then you might have a case.

iplay1up225d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Game Pass is getting all EA Play games this Holiday. Game Pass is fantastic!

Cueil25d ago

fanboys are shook... relax people at least you'll get these games on PC day one unlike Sony

bouzebbal24d ago

"The most expensive acquisition in gaming history"
No it's not.. Media biais..

..And those games are multiplatform

Germaximus24d ago

How exactly do people like you think monopolies start? Do you think Disney became a monopoly by buying one company?

conanlifts24d ago

If they purchase EA I suspect all franchised games such as FIFA, star wars etc would have to remain multiplatform. But games like Titanfall, PVZ, Sims etc would become exclusive. Not sure they would purchase EA though.

TallDarknWavy24d ago

The biggest question is whether future games will be exclusive.
Microsoft can make a ton of money selling all their games and microtransactions on Sony's console, they may need to to make back some of the 7.5 billion they spent on this. This is why Minecraft is on PS4, because it's not strategically advantageous to not put such a popular game on every console to make as much money as possible.

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DerfDerf25d ago

Therr are so many publishers and devs that this isn't remotely close to a monopoly. Perhaps you need to brush up on the definition.

crazyCoconuts25d ago

Btw, they wouldn't have to buy all/most the publishers to be classified as a monopoly. They'd have to buy enough (or other practices like perpetually operating at a loss) to no longer allow Sony/Nintendo to be competitive and subsequently dominating the console market. Long way from that happening obviously.

waverider25d ago

when you got more studios Then Sony and nintendo combined.....

Sharky23124d ago

Microsoft has been in trouble for this before. Remember the windows fiasco??

xTonyMontana24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Exactly Zenimax only make up a very small amount of game releases.

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Godmars29025d ago

Its almost as if the original Xbox 1 launch didn't happen. The obvious implications that MS would have had a complete monopoly they would have had regarding anything and everything done with the console as far as games were concerned.

itsmebryan24d ago

What do you mean these games just won't be on Playstation. But, as every Playstation owner says they have a PC so they don't need a Xbox. So, everyone can play. 😉


Lol something tells me suddenly NO ONE has a powerful PC since MS bought Bethesda. As much as Sony has shut out MS this gen and even before next gen starts with their “exclusive time” games and content I don’t want to hear any complaints from Sony fanboys. Personally I would have bought all the Bethesda games on Xbox anyway because I buy all multiplats on Xbox and PS for its exclusives so for me nothing has changed.

xTonyMontana24d ago

^^^ Most don't though, powerful PCs aren't cheap. Also I hate to be that guy BUT MS did the whole exclusive thing first so can't really moan about Sony taking the initiative. Granted I don't like it either but I won't ever forget GTA 4's DLC.

BeOpenMinded24d ago

People forget that all these games are PC day one

OB1Biker24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

No. The truth is they will be able to play gamepass on their phones.
What happens to exclusive is bad and counter to what gaming is about though?
Where is the anti consumer outcry there was for a single character not long ago?
There is a lot of hypocrisy.

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Ddog4524d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Lol but i'm sure you would just be fine if this was sony! Also this apparent monopoly has the best deal in gaming with game pass and has the lowest priced console for next gen as an option.

waverider24d ago

really? a dlc with spiderman on avengers was terrible, weeks of news about how that was bad for all gamers.... But this is good. Again, i hope microsoft gamers act the same way if Sony buys Capcom, Sega, Platinum or Ubiisoft.....

OptimusDK24d ago

@xTonyMontana i think you might be to young to know your history. But there was a reason why Dreamcast and Sega lost to Sony. And just one hint it was not because of better hardware or better first party games.

conanlifts24d ago

I'm not actually too fussed who Microsoft buy, buy I hope Sony adds a few more developers as well. My concern would come if Amazon, Google or Apple purchase publishers or studios. There is no way I want cloud only exclusives.

DJStotty24d ago

Do Sony have a Monopoly with Blu-Ray rights?

gamer780424d ago

Yah. No one is talking about it because it’s not even close to a monopoly

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RightFootGames26d ago

Yes, they are putting everyone else under pressure and putting the whole industry at risk. Hurray!

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Gunstar7525d ago

Being a bit dramatic aren't you? If MS hadn't acquired them, then perhaps Amazon or Google might have. I know who I would prefer.

Well done MS

RightFootGames25d ago

Let's not drag the discussion into what if's what actually happened is Microsoft paid 2-3x the value of the company just to keep games off other devices.

Gunstar7525d ago

Where are you getting your valuations from? You think Phil is just given a box of cash?? He would have had to go through a stringent process.

I'm really interested in how you calculated Zenimax's value...

itsmebryan24d ago

Yes, just like Sony did when it bought 10 studios like insomniac over the last 20 years. Why else do you buy studios?
The difference is MS will have their games on multi platforms just not Playstation. But, all Playstation owner have gaming PCs so the will be fine.

Unknown_Gamer579424d ago they're not. Sony and Nintendo will do just fine regardless. It's a significant purchase, sure, but it's not as if MS somehow removed some pillar that held everything else up. Bethesda's great when they're at their best, but there's much more out there than just Doom, The Elder Scrolls and other such IPs.

DJStotty24d ago

Fanboy logic :-

"lolz, xbox has no games, they need to buy more studios, they have no talented devs lol"

(Xbox acquires talented studios/devs)

"they are putting the whole industry at risk, this is a dark day for gaming"

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TheLastRun25d ago

Next Gen is going to be interesting

franwex24d ago

It seems to be heading as a subscription war, rather than a console one.

Fanboys are already arguing which subscription service is better.

DJStotty24d ago

And there is now a clear winner on that front, all MS 1st party on gamepass day 1, now includes any new elder scrolls, fallout, doom, quake and more.

Sciurus_vulgaris25d ago

It should be obvious Microsoft is acquiring more than games with there in-progress acquisition of Bethesda [and Zenimax Media]. Microsoft will acquire another game publishing branch, the id tech engine and notable studios (id, Bethesda Game Studios, Arkane, and Machine Games), plus 3 smaller studios that could function in development support. Microsoft's biggest acquirement besides the additional studios, is the Fallout, Elder Scrolls and id Universe (Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake) IPs .

NEXUS-625d ago

I think id Tech5 would work best on PS5 though. That's the one that 'pioneered' megascans or something like that isn't it?

porkChop25d ago

id Tech doesn't use megatextures anymore.

NEXUS-624d ago

Happy to be wrong, I was sure that was idTech though.

aaronaton25d ago

Throwing money around and buying success isn't a move that deserves credit like it has been.
Building successful studios and games over years like Sony does deserves more credit.

DerfDerf25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

You do know Naughty Dog were around long before Sony "bought" them. Guerilla Games was also bought by Sony. Used to be called Lost Boys.

crazyCoconuts25d ago

If you're going to compare, MS just made the biggest or second biggest acquisition the industry has ever seen - gotta take that into account. And big publishers with globally recognized and leading IPs.

RightFootGames25d ago

blah blah blah deflect to Sony... typical.

Godmars29025d ago

And they've flourished under Sony, whereas RARE was, and some extent still is, considered to be the guy in the gimp suit MS hauls out from time to time.

Sitdown25d ago

Except RARE was already on the way down, hence why Nintendo had no problem letting them go. Buuuut, who needs facts when they don't support the narrative.

Godmars29025d ago

"who needs facts when they don't support the narrative."

You don't apparently.

Its that they never really improved under MS. That their best IPs were given to other studios to remake.

itsmebryan24d ago

LMAO they like to pretend like that never happened.smh

Elda24d ago

GG was 1 small studio not an existing publisher with 8 studios that made multi-plat games on PC & consoles. GG ended up developing games for PS since 2004 most of GG lifespan which was a good reason for Sony to acquire them.

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crazyCoconuts25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Credit from a respect perspective, I agree. Ultimately, people that are Xbox fans should applaud the move because while it doesn't mean they necessarily get more or better games, it shows MS is willing to go on the attack to keep Xbox competitive. Sony fans will obviously hate it. In terms of the industry, if it keeps Xbox on the game, It's good. If they mess up our beloved game franchises or start acting anti-competitive then not so good. So there are different lenses to judge they buyout

Gunstar7525d ago

Ermm... it certainly means more and better games

Godmars29025d ago

The thing is what MS actually does with the tech and studios they buy. And there's already examples of how many times they've either squandered resources, let them rot, or overemphasized selling something before making sure that it worked.

Gunstar7525d ago

I'm sure you said exactly that when Sony bought insomniac

Welcome to the real world. Welcome to how business work.

imtiyaz624d ago

Insomniac had like one game on Xbox. Fact is: Sony makes new IPs, MS pays for existing Multiplatform IPs to not appear in other consoles.

Gunstar7523d ago

@imtiyaz6.... seriously... sony has been doing whatever it can to bolster its launch line up.

It was even trying to get exclusivity on bethesda content... oops... that didn't pan out, did it?

Sony are the masters at buying third party content, whereas MS just buy it outright

Get over it

Elda24d ago

I agree. It's like art.

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