The shady side of Nintendo

Through its use of creative worlds, the lack of first-party games rated T or M by the ESRB, and the vast assortment of toys associated with its most popular characters, Nintendo has successfully cultivated a family-friendly image over the years. Unfortunately, the company's higher-ups aren't literal Jim Henson Company puppets. Like Sony, Microsoft, and every other player in the video game industry, Nintendo is staffed by ordinary people. This means that, despite its friendly facade, Nintendo isn't exactly perfect, as some may believe.

As a company that has been involved with video games since the late 1970s, Nintendo has a long, storied history that could fill several books. As such, the company is liable to have encountered a controversy or two. Not all of Nintendo's dust-ups have been the result of malintent, but others don't exactly paint the company in the best of lights, either. Here's a list of potentially shady incidents that may interfere with the wholesome image that Nintendo has maintained over the decades.

winniepooh20975d ago

Good write up. Nintendo certainly do get a decent free-pass by gamers when it comes to a lot of this stuff.

OMNlPOTENT974d ago

I mean they get pretty heavily criticized, I’ve seen tons of articles about Mario 3D all stars being disappointing since they’re basically ports. I agree with that criticism. I love Nintendo, but I’ll be damned if any of the big 3 are flawless. They’re all focused on one thing and that’s money.

anonymousfan975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

I don't like and buy everything Nintendo... But I love their family friendly approach to good old simple colorful fun... I used to love more mature games like say the last of us but the second game made me quite depressed about the gratuitious extreme violence and suffering and I have been looking for lighter hearted games ever since. Ratchet and Clank plus Kena look promising on PS5 but Nintendo consistently produces fun and creative games over the years vs the emphasis on cinematic experiences and realism (all too often violent) by the competition.

Outlawzz975d ago

They definitely keep the lighthearted nature in games and nobody tops them on that aspect. Some games are heavy, and can really drain you so it's good that nintendo helps to balance that out with their games.

Chocoburger975d ago

The most recent Nintendo incident happened earlier this week with the Mario 35th anniversary pin set #1.
Nintendo advertises it, then only produces a small batch, even though they knew in advance that 80% of the people who bought Super Mario 3D All*Stars wouldn't get one.

Do they make more to satisfy demand? No.
Do they apologize to those left out? No.
Do they acknowledge that they basically scammed people into buying the game early to get a free pin set, only to end up not making good on their offer? No of course not.
Nintendo acts like their shit don't stink, and that's a problem. I thought the Wii U debacle would have humbled them a little bit, but they've seen amazing success with the Switch and they're back to their old selfish and ignorant ways.

Outlawzz975d ago

I never knew pins could be so important.
Sorry you couldn't get the pins friend, looks like they meant a lot.

Chocoburger974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

I got the pin set, I'm not upset on a personal level, I forgot to put that in my initial post. I'm upset because others have gotten screwed over, when they don't deserve it. Furthermore, its a bad outlook for the future if I want to get a bonus reward from Nintendo that I have rightfully earned, but they make less than 1,000 even though the demand is 1,000,000+.

They do it on purpose, and they're not trying to improve. The only reason I bought Super Mario 3D All*Stars is because of the pin set, since I knew that they'd end up not only being rare, but worth more money than the game itself eventually.

XbladeTeddy974d ago

@ Chocoburger: "They do it on purpose, and they're not trying to improve. The only reason I bought Super Mario 3D All*Stars is because of the pin set, since I knew that they'd end up not only being rare, but worth more money than the game itself eventually."

Why would they try and improve when they have people like you who pay all that money just to get a bloody pin set? Why are you moaning when you are one of their sheep?

nommers975d ago

Don't forget they pay off reviewers.

BillyG0AT975d ago

Let's talk about the shady side of Sony on this website.

Army_of_Darkness975d ago


Im listening.... Tell us all about the shady side of Sony cause I'd like too know what they are?

curtain_swoosh975d ago

and Microsoft while we are at it :)

Unknown_Gamer5794975d ago

Let's agree that every company has some skeletons in its closet. The difference is, Nintendo fans give them a free pass on theirs. At the end of the day, Sony has done far less that has irked me than the competition has, especially in recent years.

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