Gal*Gun Returns announced for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, & PC

Today Inti Creates and PQube announced the comeback of the Gal*Gun franchise with Gal*Gun Returns for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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GoodGuy0927d ago

Good choice of platforms. Sony will censor the crap out of it lol.

Teflon0226d ago

It's already on playstation lol. the heck they need it again lol. These are some of the worse games out of japan.

XiNatsuDragnel27d ago

Interesting for Xbox as well I hope it works out prob switch to xbox 90/10.

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Dark_Overlord27d ago

The amount of disagrees I've received for saying Sony are losing Jap devs over the pathetic censorship policy, people saying I'm wrong, well...... this is just another in a long line.

Aussieguy27d ago

Well, making it on the xbox is just a waste of time and money because there is hardly any consoles sold over there. They might as well just make it for the Switch and PC and save some money.

NapalmSanctuary26d ago

This may have been true in the past but Japan is currently the fastest growing region for Microsoft consoles. XBOX Series X/S pre-orders sold out in record time over there.

XiNatsuDragnel26d ago


I'm skeptical of that until they show the units sold or sold out a second wave then yeah but until then nope.

NapalmSanctuary25d ago


Whatever bro. My uncle works at Microsoft :P

FinalFantasyFanatic26d ago

Just put it on the Switch, or steam, I hate the pricing of Nintendo, but at least it'll have a good chance of being fully intact.

Dark_Overlord26d ago

I don't even own a Switch currently, but have purchased numerous games that either Sony have censored or devs have just made the games Switch exclusives due to Sonys policy.

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Vits27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Pretty good decision to just cut the PS4 off the equation. For the fanboys that still don't believe that Sony is screweing developers over with their new guidelines. This is what Inti Creates president said a while ago:

"Can you talk a bit about the future of Inti Creates’ other titles like Mighty / Gal Gunvolt and Gal Gun?

Aizu: “For Gal Gun, we have no intentions of ending the series, but as you may know things with some of the platform holders have changed recently. Right now the Gal Gun team is kind of putting their heads together and figuring out where we’re going to go from here now that changes have been made among some of the platform holders. "

What they decided was apparently to just not make a PS version. And that is really good news for everybody that like this sort of game.

SaveFerris27d ago

Many Japanese developers may decide to follow this example and exclude Playstation. It affects both Japanese and Western releases. There was really no need for Sony to change their guidelines as PS gamers never asked for it and the fact that Nintendo doesn't appear to have a problem with it means that gamers will choose another console platform for their games. It only hurts Sony with less games and I personally can't see any upside to the policy.

tehpees327d ago

Most reason to own PS4 over Xbox this gen was the superior Japanese support so your statement about them never asking for it is just garbage TBH

Vits27d ago

I really hope that this will become the norm. Because suporting the Playstation would only hurt this sort of game, its developers and the fans.

Aura754127d ago

Sony's excuse for the censorship policy also didn't make much sense as their argument basically boiled down to "Won't someone please think of the children?". The Switch has lots of games that appeal to the kid/youth audience, but Nintendo has no problem allowing games such as Gal Gun and Senran Kagura on their platform.

NapalmSanctuary26d ago


"Most reason to own PS4 over Xbox this gen was the superior Japanese support so your statement about them never asking for it is just garbage TBH"

SaveFerris didn't say that. He said PS gamers didn't ask for the change in guidelines that is causing the censorship.

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Aura754127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The fact that the Xbox One is getting the game while the PS4 isn't is very telling. Remember Omega Labyrinth Life? D3Publisher literally went out of their way to mock Sony's censorship policy and the Switch version ended up selling several-fold more than the PS4 version.

mkis00727d ago

Seems vindictive to make a game for platform that wont make you money.

Aura754127d ago

That was my first thought, too. The Xbox One barely has a 100K+ userbase in Japan and Japanese games in general, don't sell that much on the console. Despite that, PQube must have determined that the XBO will give them a larger ROI than the PS4 because the amount of time, money, and resources they would have to spend to get Sony's approval wouldn't be worth it.

Rachel_Alucard put it best. If you make niche Japanese games, trying to launch your game on the PS4 (later PS5, too) is a dice roll. Even worse, Japanese developers have to (1) communicate with Playstation HQ exclusively in English and (2) must contact HQ during US hours. It's a major inconvenience and dare I say, even racist to enforce such a thing.

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