Final Fantasy 16’s New Trailer: The Good, Bad, the Ugly

The Final Fantasy 16 trailer came out last week and it was… interesting, to say the least. This is the first main entry into the series since the boy band days of Final Fantasy 15. With the little bit of information that we have to go on, we have some good, bad, and downright ugly things to consider when looking at the trailer.

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Jiub67d ago

I am so ready...for a 2023 release date

Sunny_D67d ago

It might be sooner than that according to Jason Schreier.

Tech566d ago (Edited 66d ago )

seems interesting but it also doesn't look that much different from FF15 honestly.
visually speaking.
skin shaders, hair lighting and self shadows are looking a bit dull.

abstractel66d ago

Looks cross-gen to me. This is my biggest frustration with both MS and Sony. These machines (minus the Series S which is another frustration) can do so many things we haven't seen yet. FX haven't been upgraded at all except a bit of resolution and density.

Capcom had real-time fire simulation running on the PS4. They never shipped a game with it, but considering they had a game running on the PS4 with the simulation running at the same time, the PS5 and XBSX should be able to run these but because of cross-gen it's not economically viable at this point. These kinds of simulation can change gameplay. That's why we won't see them on multi-platform next-gen only games (because of XBSS) or cross-gen games.

I am still looking forward to next-gen, but my excitement has been toned down considerably. Thanks MS (and to some extent Sony, at least for the first year).

zawepa66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

trailer says it was on a pc but they haven't yet listed the actual requirements needed in order to run it.
visually and system requirement wise it could be placed as a cross gen title or a .5 upgrade in specs. only one way to know for sure would be to wait for it's specs.

roadkillers66d ago

Lol. FFXIII was announced before the PS3 and released several years later. FFXV was announced as FF vs XIII and took at least 7 years to release. FFVII: Remake was shown off as a tech demo pre-PS3 and didnt launch until last year. I wont even with KH3. I get the joke, kudos

Eamon66d ago

The devil is in the detail. The team behind this are the FF14 team, and the producer is a guy called Naoki Yoshida who managed to resurrect the colossal disaster of FF14 1.0 and create A Real Reborn: FF14 in record time with a quality beyond expecations.

It's clear that out of all the senior creatives at S-E, Yoshida is a man who knows how to make good games and how to time-manage. All the expansions that came out for FF14 kept on raising the bar. The last expansion - Shadowbringers - is an MMO expansion with a story so good it can be compared to a numbered single player FF game.

The fact that this is the reveal trailer for FF16 and yet we saw so much in-game footage and gameplay is definitely out of the ordinary. Nearly every FF game gets announced with a CG trailer for at least a year before some sort of in-game footage is shown.

jznrpg66d ago

Different team different game . We will see but I do have faith in the producer this time around .

yifemib46166d ago

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GreatSako202066d ago

All we saw in that event are 2021 games.
Also the trailer shows alot from the game. It looks like it's too far in development

BrettAwesome66d ago

What did you expect? To see a bunch of games that ALL release within a month, just so they could "release in 2020"? 😂

GreatSako202066d ago

Did you understand my comment?

gamer780467d ago

Terrible article honestly... many aren’t a fan of the combat or the medieval setting... time will tell but we need to see more

Sunny_D67d ago

This is going back to very first Final Fantasies actually before all the technology.

RememberThe35766d ago

I had so much fun with FF1/2 on gameboy advance back in the day. I was surprised to kinda get in my feels when I noticed the setting. Looking forward to seeing more next year.

RightFootGames67d ago

Correction: xbox and the shill media don't like it because it's timed exclusive with Sony.

gamer780466d ago

You are free to like it, but I play on all the consoles, just some people I know weren’t a fan of those things either. I’m sure there are those that might like it and that’s fine I just disagree.

jznrpg66d ago

I’m a fan of the combat and medieval . I’m happy they went back to medieval the sci fi stories were all over the place imo .

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen66d ago

If it follows a combat system similar to FF15 this game will be a hard pass for me. 15 was too casual, too action RPG, and looked too much like a lame boy band group rather than a group of warriors fighting evil.

gamer780466d ago

Exactly. I had no connection to the characters and I didn’t like the battle system in 15

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Father__Merrin67d ago

I thought combat in ff15 was atrocious special moves were also rubbish. Fingers crossed this fixes them altho it was shown on pc I bet the overall graphics are going to be excellent

execution1766d ago

Well they got the guy who did the dmc5 combat so the combat should be good

gamer780466d ago

Might be a good action combat maybe but that’s not what I want from a FF game.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen66d ago

Exactly. Turn based strategic combat based on fire, earth, wind, and water just like the classics.

Sunny_D67d ago

I'm excited for the setting alone and just by the blood I saw in the trailer, you know this is going to be a much darker Final Fantasy than previous entries.

Jiub67d ago

I was so surprised to see it splash on the kids face, man.

SullysCigar66d ago

Lol yeah, that was a bit unexpected.

Keeping an open mind with this one, as it looks like somewhat of a departure for the franchise.

jznrpg66d ago

@Sully the blood and combat may be different than other FF but the medieval setting is a staple of the early FF games and I’m glad they went back to it really .

Eamon66d ago

Yeh, the last FF game I remember with blood in it was FF Type-0. FFvs13 was supposed to have blood but was sanitized once it became FF15.

I reckon it has all to do with budgeting. When a FF games takes too long to make, no way will S-E risk it being rated it Mature lest they lose sales.

jznrpg66d ago

Yeah . I loved what was shown . I don’t care if some don’t like it really , it’s day 1 for me

phoenixwing66d ago

I have to agree on it being day 1 was nice to see something more old-school and less cyberpunk

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Kaedro66d ago

Please change this title to "Fantasy 16’s New Trailer: The Good, The Amazing, The Beautiful"

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