Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Announced for March 2021 by Capcom

Resident Evil 25th Anniversary was officially announced by Capcom during their Special Program block at the Tokyo Game Show.

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Sonic-and-Crash67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

how much they transformed the series to the worst really ? , it s saddening ..its a shame to see RE7-8 having no relation at all with RE1-2-3 formula of horror which was the main force behind RE 's rise to to fame ....

Capcom should have named RE7-8 differently (remove Resident Evil title) , they r playable games ok, with their own advantages and fan following but they r not Resident Evil games no matter how much Capcom and some fans crying to convience the rest of the gamers

xander7076966d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Eh, I see where you are coming from. I really do. But sometimes you gotta try something new. And it’s a risk; it may not be as good as what you did originally. But you can always revisit the old formula later. Resident Evil 9 or 10 could be a triumphant return to that old form we have been waiting for and could that much better for it due to this long hiatus in the interim. Whereas if they stuck to that formula all this time we’d all be tired of it by now and asking why they don’t deviate. I prefer the RE1-3 games as well.

Noskypeno66d ago

In a perfect world there would be a perfect middle ground between deviating too much from the formula and copy and pasting like COD. But for right now we just have to settle with what the new REs and Halo's provide us, of course why can't we just make it a new IP would be a logical question, but these IPs have tons of lore and is impossible to have a good conclusion until it's ready.

66d ago
jeromeface66d ago

Couldn't agree more Xander, lots of people praise 4 as the 2nd coming or something... I've come to find that for most of these people 4 was their first. 4 took survival horror and turned it to action jump scare and it hasn't been the same since.

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Redrex700066d ago

welp... like the other have said
shit need to change
people bitch about it if it stay the same
and they bitch about it if thing change so something got to give

haget8779265d ago

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FloydianAndroid66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I don’t mean to be combative, but I don’t think it’s up to fans to dictate how someone makes their art. It’s ok to grow and evolve or even stay the same. Not every game is for everyone. Thats okay. Inclusiveness isnt always a good thing.

sourOG66d ago

When it comes to art and business then it is up to the fans or consumers. If you make the game you want and the consumers don’t want it then there won’t be another game. There might not be a studio lol. They aren’t making art, they are making money.

The only RE I didn’t like was 6. Many fans including myself like the later games. They sell really well, the re2 remaster was one of my favorite games last year. Long time fan wishlists don’t dictate direction but neither does art. That’s why new franchises are so special. They don’t know if it will make money, it’s a passion project and a gamble. The 8th iteration of a franchise isn’t going to be like the first game. It’s unreasonable to think it would be.

Lexreborn266d ago

People really get stuck in their comfort zones of familiarity. So much they believe that that familiarity is the only way to do something. Reality is those people are trapped in time and attempt to stop others progress.

FloydianAndroid66d ago

sourOG i think you’re forgetting that by and large resident evil 7 was a huge success. That’s why there is an 8.

sourOG65d ago

Not forgetting, I said many fans including myself liked the later games. I bought a psvr just for RE7 and loved it. I’m hyped for 8. Yup that’s why there is an 8 despite traditionalist fan disapproval. You and I took their spot.

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CosmicTurtle66d ago

But Code Veronica was a mess. It would be nice if they jumper between various different ideas. I love the first games but 4 and 7 are exceptional games. Even 5 and 6 for all their flaws have some qualities.

ZombieGamerMan66d ago

Sonic-and-Crash, I mean did you even play 7? Your a guy stuck in a house infected with a virus turning the residents into man eating monsters as you manage your resources and solve puzzles to escape. I don't see how it doesn't use the formula of the original trilogy unless you mean the formula is zombies because the last game to feature zombies prior to 7 was 6 and I dare anyone to look at 6 and tell me that it's just like the old games

Gatsu66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Things change with any long running franchises after such a long time. People will start complaining if games remain the same, but then complain if change too much.

"They're not Resident Evil games"
What exactly makes a game to be Resident Evil in your opinion, care to explain? To me it's always been the survival horror and characters. I prefer zombies, but there's only so many games you can have with those, so I'm okey with them trying something new.

DarXyde66d ago

They're not Resident Evil games? Says who? You? It's like declaring Pluto is no longer a planet.

Whether or not you agree with the direction Capcom takes doesn't matter. I agree that it's different, but when does that automatically mean something is worse? These newer titles focus on invoking fear in different ways. The earlier games used tank controls, limited saves, corridors, atmosphere created by music, and camera angles to keep you in a state of persistent pressure and paranoia. It was brilliant.

Resident Evil 4 took a different approach that was A+ horror and seriously revived the dying franchise. More control and weapons, but far more threatening enemies that really sent you into fight or flight, knowing the enemies can follow you into other areas.

5 & 6 were action games that gave you a partner, which seriously impeded the horror aspect of the series.

VII and VIII are more focused on horror than prior entries, if you ask me. It preys on childhood fears and severely limits your ability to fight back. It's also in first person, so you're going to need to watch your back. Add to that the rise of VR, attention to sound in gaming, enhanced visuals, higher frame rates, and, in the case of PS5, strict attention to haptic feedback; and you've got yourself a horror experience that's uncharted territory. Like, the experience from VII to VIII is probably incomparable.

This, I believe, is the natural evolution. Horror games have greater pressure to innovate because the same tricks will not always work. If you want to keep interest and attract newcomers, you need to be creative, and I believe Resident Evil is exactly where it needs to be right now.

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lazyboyblue66d ago

I tapped downvote so hard I hurt my finger.

Germaximus66d ago

Completely agree. I don't hate the new games but the originals are the best. It was downhill after 4 even though 4 had a good story. It was no longer "survival horror" and just turned into action games. The Revelations games are pretty good though. I still haven't tried 7. Plan to soon since it's on PS Now.

Sharky23165d ago

If they stayed the same your comment would be about how they need to change the formula. Me myself I love the new horror in 7 and how 8 is shaping up. I did not like 6. 5 was ok. Nothing wrong with newest games. They are scary in a different way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

BillyG0AT65d ago

To be honest, when I first saw the RE8 reveal, I was thinking it was a Van Helsing game. It was very confusing.
It does look awesome though

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jjb198165d ago

Had it been the same formula it would be "same crap every game".

MADGameR65d ago

I agree with you 100% Resident Evil 7 and 8 are a disgrace to the RE franchise. That Resident Evil Infinite Darkness CGI trailer is a PERFECT example of TRUE Resident Evil.

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-Foxtrot67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Well I hope they have something for old school fans, others are getting the first person bullshit so hopefully there's something third person for old school fans

A collection maybe or at least some news on the RE4 remake.

That poster though, Nemesis or Wesker should be in the middle, not Jack, he looks like the odd one out.

Nitrowolf267d ago

I agree with the poster, seems like they really want to push the new direction with that. Plus Nemesis is obviously more iconic

-Foxtrot67d ago

I mean you have classic characters and mutated tyrants, then there's an old man with a shovel in the middle...

Oh and they used the new design for Chris

They really could have separated the remakes from the others and done some brand new things, shame, what a wasted opportunity. A third person timeline and a first person one.

XiNatsuDragnel67d ago

I'm scared about RE4 Remake they are going to mess it up i know it.

-Foxtrot66d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, only because they cut so much stuff out of RE3 to cash in on the success of the RE2 Remake

I'd have preferred if they did RE2, then focused on RE Village and then get hard at work on RE3, switch between them. I want to see things added onto RE4, not taken away.

However they better not cut Ada's side story out, I was a little annoyed they didn't even give us a side story in RE2/RE3 to show how she escaped, basically remake the storyline from Umbrella Chronicles.

Oh and I would love a no time limit mode for mercenaries, I've always wanted to see how long I could survive without worrying about those stupid clocks.

xTonyMontana66d ago

Don't say that, didn't they use the 20th anniversary to announce that really bad mp shooter that flopped so badly, it was on sale for under £5 from about 2 months after launch.

Tyrant226360d ago (Edited 60d ago )

There is no need for an RE4 remake. It just got remastered not too long ago.

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Tedakin66d ago

Unpopular opinion that may be popular... who knows.... RE7 is the best RE game... :)

Imalwaysright66d ago

To me it's RE4 wich I have in my top 10 games of all time.

stevansavic8966d ago

resident evil 2 Remake all the way

Bnet34363d ago

It was a good game, kinda short and not enough monsters

XxSPIDEYxX66d ago

The perfect time to unveil Resident Evil 4 Remake. Hope they keep Super Leon suplexing everyone

Levii_9266d ago

Oh god yesss .. i hope they keep all the moves and add new badass ones.

XiNatsuDragnel64d ago

You meant code veronica cough

AnotherGamer66d ago

Still hoping they remake or remaster RE Outbreak.

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