Resident Evil Village Gets New Video Introducing its Terrifying World & Atmosphere

During its Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation, Capcom showcased the upcoming Resident Evil Village for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. It was also mentioned that they're trying to release the game for PS4 and Xbox One, but can't promise it.

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RaidenBlack25d ago

It was leaked that a version of REVIII was running on the PS4 Pro.
I am more curious whether the RE4Remake will get a current gen variant.

Neonridr25d ago

don't we have enough versions of Resident Evil 4 now?

mrsolidsteel2025d ago

😂 😂

Nope until we have RE 4 running on pregnancy test readers, than maybe 😂.

RaidenBlack25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Hey, I didn't ask for it. I played it originally on my PS2 and got the Remastered for my PS4.
But its Capcom who's doing it. Hence I asked. Just curious.
When a story regarding the Remake was posted here, I even commented why even remake RE4. It still looks good and is available for current gen.
Received a share of downvotes.

Bnet34325d ago

People say that now but I promise you once we get the RE4 remake on next gen systems with mind blowing graphics, everyones gonna be hyped.

Neonridr25d ago

@RaidenBlack - I was only kidding around with you. It just feels like we have 10 different versions of that game now.

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anast25d ago

RE4 was one of the worst REs, not the worst but close. Level design changed a lot of things, but the rest of the game was...crows stuffed with gold coins....RE4 is the mother of 5 and 6.

Neonridr25d ago

I'd say 6 was the low point. 4 was the beginning of the departure though. Although I didn't mind the slightly different setting. 4 brought on a lot of good changes, including the free aim mechanic.

yifemib46125d ago

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Sirk7x24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

RE4 is one of the greatest and most important games ever made. Full of tension, great combat through crowd management, and was basically the grand-daddy of modern third-person shooters.
Game was mind-blowing when it launched on Gamecube.

Sonic-and-Crash24d ago

@ Anast ....completely agree ...RE4 was the worst and the start of the downfall

CosmicTurtle24d ago

I think it is divisive. If might be better received if it was demarcated from the series and viewed in its own right. The game is very good and clearly had a huge impact on action games after. It is just so different from what went before in structure and gameplay terms.

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24d ago
Damrock25d ago

What's with the gun wobbling around that much?.

I get the character is moving but that just looks off.

Sirk7x24d ago

Used often in horror games, makes it harder to kill enemies, making encounters more stressful.

RaiderNation25d ago

LOL thanks for the Japanese subtitles to go with the Japanese dialogue!

ClayRules201225d ago

Lmbo. I know right. Apart from producer “Peter Fabiano” talking for the short moment he did, I understood nothing else. But, I just kept nodding and saying, “Alright, nice, that sounds really good. I can’t wait haha.

But jokes aside, it does look amazing, and I’m anxious to play it & hope it delivers a great and terrifying game experience!

SullysCigar25d ago

Anyone else see Pete Fabiano and immediately recognise him from Resi 7? I had no idea it was the producer lol

Glad he confirmed in the vid, saved me a Google!

SullysCigar25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

lol I don't care until we get that PSVR announcement so I can finally clear this constipation...

morganfell25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

This is all I am waiting for on this game. RE7 is in an entirely different league with PSVR.

SullysCigar25d ago

Same. Honestly one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had - and I've been gaming a long time and across all platforms! No other horror game even comes close to this in VR, especially if it's your first play through.

Bathyj25d ago

How is the motion in it?

morganfell25d ago


You mean mine when I jumped ha ha? I swear right at the beginning I am going toward the house. Anytime a game is sort of pointing you in a certain direction I tend to say can I go a different way and look around. I thought this is OK, this is a good implementation. And then up ahead on that path somebody ran across it and I jumped right up. I’ve only ever had one issue with motion and that was only once in the early Original Quake VR beta. This though is how VR should’ve done. No issues for me at all. I have seen some complaints about your senses of awareness in close quarters moments fighting due to camera perspective but I personally didn’t have a problem with it.

SullysCigar25d ago

@ Bathyj, it's full of options for motion. So you can have it control exactly like flat screen, with full locomotion, smooth turning and you can adjust the speed of both to suit you. Or if you get motion sickness (personally I'd still use traditional motion and just play in shorter bursts until you're over it and can play as normal for any length of time), you can use click turning and teleportation movement - but please don't lol

Aiming is done with your head, which is incredibly intuitive and accurate - anyone who used the sniper rifle on Vita's Uncharted: Golden Abys will remember how amazing it was to to turn/tilt the screen to fine tune your aim!

The only downside for me was that some cutscenes were flat screen, which kind ruined the amazing immersion you otherwise felt.

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AnotherGamer25d ago

Is it me, or TGS have been pretty meh so far?

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