Xbox Game Pass on phone can give the Switch a run for its money - in the right conditions

From VG247: "Xbox Game Pass works a treat on mobile – and with the Razer Kishi, the experience feels a lot like playing a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode – but a little bit better.

Just a month ago, I wrote about how “playing Xbox Game Pass through xCloud feels like a next-generation experience” – and since then, game pass on mobile has become a regular staple of my video game diet. I’ve done a few more play-throughs of Streets of Rage 4, played a shed load of Halo, and rekindled a love for Forza Horizon 4 while finally getting around to digging into that game’s Lego-themed expansion, something which is a solid combination of my interests."

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Sciurus_vulgaris36d ago

I some wonder if a Surface based Xbox Console would be viable. However, Nintendo has always dominated the handheld market.

Vits35d ago

The big issue is that the whole Surface line is supposed to be moving on to ARM based systems in the next couple of years. So even if they are developing a compatibility layer (that they most likely are) for games the optimization would be very complex. And developing specifically for the device would likely not be viable.

They could go the route of the small notebook with built-in controllers like the GPD Win and the OneGx1. But those are extremelly expensive and there is not much that could be done to shrink down the cost. So they would likely not sell.

Sciurus_vulgaris35d ago

I was actually thinking of Surface with the chip set of an Xbox Series S, albeit scaled back, in tablet form. It would be expensive, but it would offer greater performance than and Switch. Plus this hypothetical Xbox Surface would be able to play scaled back 9th gen games.

DarthZoolu35d ago

I had a switch for a while and gave it to my nephew because I got tired the novelty of it after a while because those aren't really the type of games I like to play. I sold my Xbox One S to pre-order the Xbox series X with the plan I could finish a few rpgs in the month and a half I wait. Xcloud has been getting the job done.

linkuu12835d ago

Complete bullshit. Common, you talk about rpgs, but you say you give away your rpg player, aka nintendo switch?

To play rpgs on cloud, using a pc? Man, heres on n4g loves to throw shade to switch, for no reason .

DarthZoolu35d ago

Western RPGs playing Wasteland as I type.

Vits35d ago

They can't really do that because of TDP. The Series S is made to work with about 100 W. Just to put into perspective the Switch works under 15 W. And even a low-end card like GTX 1050 (far below the Series S GPU) still need about about 75 W to function.

In practical terms it wouldn't be viable because there would be no battery life to the device and in a slim form factor it would basically burn. And there is a big limit of how much you can scale back a SoC, so making a mobile version of it would likely not be possible.

The best that could viable to do is a Ryzen 4700U based system. Because that would be something more than capable to running mordern games in low/medium settings 720p/1080p with at least 30 fps. But even that is still a 25 W unit so they would still need a pretty big hulk of a battery.

So when you factor everything from controllers to the thermal solution. What you would be left with is a very expensive device (we are talking $800+). And that is the main reason why all of this portables consoles/PC uses a intel based system. As they have by far the best low TDP SoCs in the market.

crazyCoconuts36d ago

Thinking of the network conditions that exist where i play on my handheld, i can say assuredly streaming a game will not work in nearly all of those conditions. Exception being at home on my own wi-fi, where i typically play on my big screen.
Plus, for kids, which i think is the main market for Switch, it's a $299 investment or something like that. Getting them a phone w/ unlimited data (even if it did perform well) is gonna cost a lot more per kid, and definitely wouldn't appeal to parents

Kavorklestein35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

But what about the parents who already have phones for their kids and have a family room xbox with 4 controllers? Now all 4 of those kids could potentially have their own screen and/or headphones headset and play all the stuff they want. If that family already had unlimited data, they are basically spending little to nothing.
And for some families it's not about the costs or spending, it's simply the option in itself that makes it appealing.

I definitely think streaming has it's place in the industry, and is not for everyone. But IS going to grow. Absolutely.
And I also think XBOX Game streaming offers the best game selection, controller support/compatibility, best experience overall, with least lag/latency, best price for admission and extra perks like GP ultimate, GWG, and has the most going for it overall.
It's simply the best so far. Bar none.

ApocalypseShadow35d ago

A lot of "what ifs" and subjective opinion given as fact to sell this comment.

crazyCoconuts35d ago

4 kids with 4 separate Game Pass subs, right? You currently don't have family plans on game pass / PS Now services. All that $ adds up, so i think a very small population of kids would have parents willing to go that route.

I disagree with your XBox Game streaming simply the best bar none comments when comparing current state, but that's another discussion altogether i guess

Kavorklestein35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They could pay for 2 subs and gameshare like me and my GF do. That lets her play my game pass games currently.
I haven't tested it but 1 sub could let them all play potentially if they all have the same xbox set as their home xbox? I'm not sure on that, but still. All that as opposed to getting 4 Nintendo switches for portable gaming and it's still a better deal as far as cost no matter how much 2-4 subs cost in the end.
@ Apocalypse
The comment I replied to talked about the cost of family data etc.. which is definitely a "what if" so let's what if till we are blue in the face then and not leave out the what ifs that make it look cost effective. Can't cherry pick for Cons without allowing a little cherry picking for pros too.

Opinions aside, I never said it was a fact. I shouldn't have to say "IMO" for you to understand my opinion in the first place, whether or not you agree.

TheEnigma31335d ago

Nintendo always has and always will dominate the handheld space. People will always love their exclusives.

zacfoldor35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


BillyG0AT35d ago

I don't think they'll ever compete with the switch BUT I'd rather play GP games than Switch games if it was in a perfect setting with no lag or anything. Which won't happen.

Ratchet7535d ago

Once 5g becomes the norm, lags will hopefully become a thing of the past.
Right now gamepass is still lagging even with a 120 mbp/s internet.
Playing gears5 or Halo on a smartphone seems like a dream come true until you realize that aiming has become a nightmare because of the input lags.

35d ago
zacfoldor35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

But how will 5g scale outside of dense population centers?

Also, they already have very high speed Internet in those places, how will it help them stream?

Also, if really have 120 mbps, the problem PROBABLY isn't bandwidth(I would guess), but perhaps latency, which may be caused by various factors in the routing between you and the server, or in your local network or isp. I also have no idea if gamepass ever has problems on their end, I haven't used it or Xcloud for streaming(I don't follow it much, is it even out?), but sometimes games like World of Warcraft and websites like Best Buy or Target may experience slowdown due to increased traffic(like during preorders or an expansion launch). I would guess that streaming services could be affected by such phenomena under certain circumstances, but just a guess.

zacfoldor35d ago

Not me, I'd MUCH MUCH rather play Nintendo games or have the switch Library vs just gamepass. Especially in a situation where things aren't a novelty and I would have to legitimately spend significant time with the setup.

waverider35d ago

all this kind of news at the start of all gens are so funny.... It will all change....

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