Virtua Fighter x esports Project Announced by Sega at TGS 2020

During its Tokyo Game Show 2020 presentation, Sega revealed "Virtua Fighter x esports" with a rather mysterious trailer.

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TheColbertinator28d ago

I hope this is the return of VF greatness

darthv7228d ago

a real VF6 instead of the guest starring in DoA5... that's all I want in life.

Petebloodyonion28d ago

Make this a new a Virtua fighter please!
Make this a new a Virtua fighter please!
Make this a new a Virtua fighter please!
Make this a new a Virtua fighter please!

Still hoping :)

RaiderNation28d ago


DazaMc28d ago

Do you remember when the newest fighting games were THE best looking games on the planet! Those were the days.

purple10128d ago

Soul calibur.. on dreamcast ...probably my greatest game of all time of any genre.

RaiderNation28d ago

I know I'm going to date myself here but, I remember the first time Sega debuted Virtua Fighter 3. At the time, I was so blown away by how it looked! God I l LOVED that game and played it to death on the Dreamcast back in the day!

darthv7228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

To be fair, 3TB is not the same as 3 in the arcade. It was a good effort but 3 in the arcade was still superior to 3tb. 4 on the PS2 was supposed to be on the DC and you can see by its style they pretty much just switched the development to the PS2 from the DC but Evolution was clearly superior to 4 in many ways as it was built specifically for the PS2.

Their VF2 on saturn is still a testament to what the saturn could really do if given the love and attention it deserved.

RaiderNation28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Yeah I was talking about the arcade version when Sega debuted it. Believe me, I played the shit out of the arcade version way before it ever saw the light of day on Dreamcast. You're right, the arcade was superior. However I still loved it on Dreamcast version as well and played it to death.

What I've always loved about VF is the fact that with every punch and kick, it carries the fighter's momentum forward instead of the character standing there stationary. IMO it gives the game a much smoother, more natural feel and less "stiff" than say Tekken.

Bnet34328d ago

I kinda felt like that with MK11. The graphics on that game are incredible.

autobotdan28d ago

Virtua Fighter 6 please. Please port Virtua Fighter 3TB to current consoles

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The story is too old to be commented.