Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Review: A Titan In All But Name | Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry review the Nvidia RTX 3090, the fastest consumer graphics card available. Game benchmarks, hardware breakdown, power tests and more.

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Anomander431d ago

Looks like not getting in on the Pre-Order was a blessing in disguise. Time to wait for a 3080TI.

Xristo431d ago

Not worth the jump from a eVGA 2080ti FTW3 to it for me, so I'll just wait for either next gen or a crazy OC'd/OC'able AIB. I'm definitely happy to see new fast cards, though! Comparing both, the 3080 looks like an amazing sweet spot for those upgrading.

Neonridr431d ago

but definitely worth the jump for me from a 1080ti. I got a preorder for a 3080. And paid like $650-700 less than what the 2080ti retailed for brand new.

Xristo431d ago

Most definitely! Congratulations on the upgrade and enjoy! I'm honestly happy to see the price of a 3080 is half what I paid and faster. It's not like my 2080ti miraculously slowed down, and it's still an amazing 1440p card. Seeing how fast the new cards are just ensures me that my next upgrade will be huge!

Neonridr431d ago

@Xristo - even my 1080ti still handles 1440p quite well. I will definitely like to try some PC gaming on my LG C9 to see what it looks like @ 4K with all the bells and whistles on.

FlyingFoxy431d ago

Yeah don't forget guys this is an "8k gaming" card, literally a bit faster than the 3080.. I remember getting downvoted for saying that even though it's common sense by looking at the specs before it was even reviewed.

No idea why some are so blind to seeing what part of the marketing is complete BS when you have actual specs of the card to look at with your own eyes.

Neonridr431d ago

it's crazy that it's only like 10-20% faster than the 3080 (ignoring the extra 14GB of VRAM) but retails for twice the price.

Stevonidas431d ago

Only 10% more powerful than the '80 card but at twice the price?

Sounds like a TITAN to me.

BQ32430d ago

As amazing as these new cards are, I am waiting it out until I can get a card that can consistently do 4k 120fps on at least high settings. That will max out my lg cx48 and I am going to stick to probably the ps5 or series x until that becomes a reality. At that point I will complete a whole new build and finally upgrade my 1080. I would have been willing to fork the price for the 3090 if it could have achieved that.