Let's Talk About The Xbox Series S|X Storage Expansion Card

The price for the new Xbox Series S|X storage expansion card from Seagate has been announced, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But do you really need one?

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Neonridr36d ago

Technically no, you can plug in an external drive and manage any additional games that way by moving them back and forth between the drives. It's a pain, but it also saves you over $200.

darthv7235d ago

I use one of those 2tb game drives right now to hold 360 and og games and a few XBO titles. When i get the SX, I prob will need a 4tb game drive and just move all my games off the 1x to that (including the ones on the 2tb). That way all Series titles will be on internal and everything else external.

Mr Logic35d ago

The only problem with that is that you lose fast loading on older games. It might be faster than the current consoles because of better CPU decompression, but still.

P.S. Before this devolves into some fanboy BS, this also applies to PS5 and having your PS4 games (Such as the PS+ collection) on an external HDD.

P.P.S. I am highly looking forward to independent testing on how much external SATA SSD improves load times for BC games. That might be the happy medium between PS5 needing fast, but pricey NVME drives and Series needing an expensive proprietary expansion.

Master_Mind35d ago

You could also buy a 1 tb ssd with an exclosure for $99 ish and that would run pretty good and also transfer to the internal faster if needed.

darthv7235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I've often thought about switching over to an external SSD solution. Be it a regular SATA SSD or one of those NVME to USB type of setups. Obviously it would still be USB 3 transfer speeds but the lack of a spinning mechanical drive should improve load times even over USB.

Neonridr35d ago

it's definitely doable, just don't be like me and play a game for like a day or two and then move on. Only have a few games installed that you are actually playing.

mikeslemonade35d ago

I doubt you can use those dinousaur drives since games will be built specifically for the high speed loading.

Also people complaining about the price. The price is actually like the same as if you bought the same performance storage device on PC.

RazzerRedux35d ago

External SSD would be ideal for those older games. HDD is a massive bottleneck right now that can easily be avoided. SATA SSD isn't that expensive either.


"Also people complaining about the price. The price is actually like the same as if you bought the same performance storage device on PC."

Are you talking about XSX expansion SSD vs PC? If so then that's not true. This PNY NVMe drive is 1000 mb/s faster than XSX and costs $110 less.

Neonridr35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@Razzer - but that drive you posted is only capable of 3500 MB/s a far cry from the 5000 MB/s or so that the Sony will be doing. We don't know if a drive like that is acceptable or not until testing is done. As far as we know the Samsung 980 Pro might be the only one that works as far as speeds go and that costs $150 for 500GB.

@mikeslemonade - clearly you don't read what people write. Nobody said you can use those drives for anything other that data storage. You can play older titles off external drives but all new games must be played off the internal SSDs (for both Sony and MS). Hence the whole juggling games between the two.

RazzerRedux34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


The drive I posted was CLEARLY in comparison to XSX, not PS5.

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mikeslemonade34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

^wrong on that assumption.

I don’t think you would be able to store game saves or anything app based related. Actually probably anything won’t be allowed since the OS is suppose to operate fast. Going with your logic they would allow slow external storage for the iPhone, I doubt they would do that. If they did then you are messing up your entire experience anyway.

And when you talking about old games being stored on slower drives, that’s not ideal once again because the OS is designed to have many game run in the background and you can pick up any game in like 2 seconds.

Neonridr34d ago

just go do a quick google. It has said on many places that you can play. For example, one of the first I found on google:

"PS5 will support USB external hard drives, but it will only be able to use these drives to play PS4 games through backwards compatibility. You'll also be able to copy PS4 games directly to the PS5's built-in SSD to improve loading times."

mikeslemonade34d ago

That’s fine.

Even if you can do it, why do it? I wouldn’t want to use slow speeds like that.


I’m going to buy one since I’m all digital but I’ll use my 2tb external for my One X games. 2 tb will be enough for me for Series X but that price is hard to swallow. I want to see what PS drives will cost.

neutralgamer199235d ago

I think early on both will have same or similar price models only difference is Sony will allow other 3rd party drives to work on ps5

As a PlayStation fan I do like ease of access though where you can simply plus in additional SSD HD. I Don't want to open up the ps5 Just to put it add more SSD space

Neonridr35d ago

I mean Sony was at least forward thinking with the PS4 in that they made a separate access point just for the HD alone. But it's definitely nice that you can just plug in drives to either the Series S/X or PS5. Just note that any upgrade to the PS5 storage that you intend to play off of needs to be of a certain speed. Only one drive exists currently that might suffice as expandable storage for the PS5 fast enough to play off of. We will have to wait for testing on that front to be sure of course.

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GusBricker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Pretty hefty price, as well.

Neonridr35d ago

yeah, we still don't even know if it's fast enough. Testing will have to be done there.

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Nearly three times as fast as XSX though and this drive will come down in price in the coming months due to being non-proprietary and have a lot of competition.


We do know it is fast enough. This is the exact speed Cerny referenced when he had his PS5 tech presentation.

Neonridr34d ago

@Razzer - I get what he said, but until someone actually plugs it in to see if it works we won't know 100%. I'm optimistic, but still.. real world trumps theoretical.

Gamerking8235d ago

Yep a rip off . No wonder next gen consoles are so cheap . Limited space on all. And if you want all your old games fast you looking at a few hundred extra . Pure fing Rip off . The greedy bastards had all this planned .

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It’s all done to drive the price of entry down. People wouldn’t buy the console if it costs an arm and a leg.

But I do agree though, those prices are outrageous.

Gaming4Life198135d ago

I was hoping they would come in at most 150 but i have nvme drives in all my computers so i know how expensive they are. Im only getting 1 expansive drive after that ill just keep swapping games between hard drives as needed.

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