Top 5 Heaviest Home Consoles Ever

TGG says: "With the two next-generation consoles on the way, their abnormal dimensions and never-before-seen sizes seem to have dazzled gamers everywhere. Will the PS5 or Xbox Series X reign as the new Heavyweight Champion of the World? Let’s find out!"

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darthv7236d ago

Wow... I didnt realize the fat PS3 was so much. and people made fun of the og xbox for being able to kill a kid if it fell on them. I will say the 1X is one heavy son of a nutcracker. It may be small but it is solid.

bloodyspasm35d ago

I was mostly surprised about the Xbox One X as well. Really packs a ton for its size!

Nacho_Z35d ago

Fortunately I don't need to hold the console up myself I'm hoping my tv cabinet will take the strain.

bloodyspasm35d ago

I'm concerned how well they handle tipping over though. I've got a 2 and a 5 year old running around and they look mighty fragile when standing upright 😬

Nacho_Z35d ago

I know that situation mate it's why I've not bought a new tv for ages, the amount of scratches on it.

PSX-9434d ago

That's sik, I had like 6 of those fat PS3s.