Japan is Xbox's fastest growing market

Microsoft is aiming for simultaneous product launches for Japanese market; cloud streaming expected to launch in Japan in first half of 2021.

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sushimama36d ago

Went from wasting away in Japan's gutter, to writhing on the sidewalk. Most Japanese fans will just step over you MS. Just selling under 50 units a week in some cases. I guess any movement north, percentage wise, could be seen as "the fast growing market" for Xbox. Unless you provide real numbers this gen, all your fancy talking is just fluff.

UltraNova36d ago

If they jump from 50 to 500 units sold it still counts as the "fastest growing market" percentage-wise. That's marketing for you.

DarXyde36d ago

Very true.

The bar is incredibly low, but to their credit, it is still an indication of progress.

I do take issue with people saying Japan is too biased, but those same people who believe that don't take a look at the games being marketed by Xbox. FPS titles are not big there—shooters in general are not, which means Gears and Halo are out.

It's such an oversimplification.

GameZenith36d ago

Progress is progress and even that jump shows increasing awareness.

CorndogBurglar36d ago

I was just going to say this. They sold notoriously bad in Japan. So anything positive makes them the fastest growing market lol

SullysCigar36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Lol yup, that's some desperate spin. What we've all come to expect ath this stage though.

EDIT: Just saw CorndogBurgler's downvotes...WTF?! lol

S2Killinit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Thats what i was thinking. Isnt this terrible news for MS?

Even if we assume the increase is a significant portion of japan (which most likely isnt), PlayStation currently has a 3:1 ratio to xbox in Europe, if MS isnt making major strides in Europe or North America, then things arent going well for them at all.

Unspoken36d ago

Not only are FPS not popular, but neither are western RPGs. Nintendo is extremely popular there as well and they take a huge share of consumer's mind share and preference in game genres. They are also very nationalistic and both Sony and Nintendo reside in Japan. So I guess all of this makes sense as to why Xbox would not sell in that market. So yeah, much more complex.

SullysCigar36d ago

^ @Unspoken, Japanese people are nationalistic? First of all, stereotype much? Secondly, how do you explain Apple having ~50% market share among Japanese consumers? Enough with the excuses.

At least Xbox is trying to release there again, I commend them for that much.

Shame they had to cut the price by 3,000Y on their new console already, though.

They already had a price cut in the Middle East too, strangely.

darthv7236d ago

I think they are hoping the SS and Xcloud will bring them some positive turn of events. SS because it is smaller, cheaper and still powerful and can be used to stream xcloud to their their mobile devices. JP does love their portability and if someone can use their own device and still play new releases then that is sure to have some impact.

bouzebbal35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

😂😂🤣 i had to laugh at that headline and at the level of damage in people's heads..

Thanks UltraNova.. You beat me to it

S2Killinit35d ago

Its not a matter of japanese being nationalistic. Also, Sony is actually a U.S. based company. You could say they are japanese-american

Rimeskeem35d ago


Kind of sad they sold less units then the percent increase.

DarXyde35d ago


"Progress is progress and even that jump shows increasing awareness."

That's a very bizarre takeaway. It's not about awareness. It's not even about increased interest. On the consumer side of things, we don't know what that means. It could just be a sign that there's a greater presence of foreigners there these days with an interest in Xbox.

All it means is that Microsoft has made some progress in the country. That's the only thing we can say. Don't assume people aren't buying the console in Japan out of a lack of awareness.

umair_s5135d ago

PlayStation brand is done, unless Amazon or Google buy it out right

PrinterMan35d ago

If that is their fastest growing market with those numbers it is still sad 100% market gain when you sell 2 units is still only 2 units.

bouzebbal35d ago

I'll bookmark this article until we know the first numbers.. Going to be fun

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morganfell36d ago

Every generation they do this. "This time we really mean it!" Its a self fulfilling meme.

SullysCigar36d ago

"We're all about Japan!"

...In the meantime, the press double down to create the notion that Xbox should be known as the place for Western

yifemib46135d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


ChrisW35d ago

Yeah... But it's always interesting that people fail to understand that Japan is no longer the must dominate market. Europe sold almost 5 times as many PS4s than Japan did. America sold more than double that of Japan. Now of course, you can argue that Europe and America have more people... But that's exactly what makes them such important markets!

umair_s5136d ago

Whatever. PlayStation will get slapped left right and centre by Xbox this gen.

mkis00736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'll raise you 3 game of the year awards.

CorndogBurglar36d ago

Not going tp happen. It definitely looks like Xbox will be better competition. For sure. Just remember, Xbox has never beaten Playstation in all 3 console gens. This won't be the one they do it.

But I welcome it if they do! Competition is good for us. Two companies trying to put out better products? Count me in. I'm not a blind fanboy so I'll happily own either or both.

outsider162436d ago

Lets talk about that in 3 years. Bookmarking this.

Godmars29036d ago

I need to hear the reasoning behind this.

the reason behind this delusion at the very least.

sampsonon36d ago

Show me PS AAA Craig showing please.You must be so excited.

BehindTheRows36d ago

As proven by the early preorders..... oh wait. That isn't happening. Just stop.

dietis_h36d ago

with no notable exclusives?

deafdani35d ago

Microsoft hasn't managed that in 3 generations. What makes you think they will do it this time?

SierraGuy35d ago

Maybe xbox should worry about USA more than Japan 🤭

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Marquinho36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

How about being #1 in Japanese Amazon and selling out in 15 mins?

I'm not saying it's already a success but you have been underestimating Microsoft since the announcement of the Series X and as things are shaping, you are definitely in for a big splash in the face.

morganfell36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Being a fast selling item for the day doesn't show how many units nor if you sold better than something last week. Those figures are updated daily and are only for daily sales. The first place effect can last a few days. Look at Amazon UK. If you look at bestsellers you see this:

But those are totals for recent sold items and not a measure of their over all sales. Its a list of what sold the fastest RECENTLY.

Before you start celebrating look at the UK totals for the year. This is who sold the most OVERALL:

PS5 now leads the Xbox in the UK. See how looking at just bestsellers alone misleads you?

morganfell36d ago

France bestseller recently:

Yearly totals:

Germany bestseller recently:

Yearly totals:

The US is the only place where the Xbox currently has a lead on Amazon that I can find.

outsider162436d ago

"PS5 now leads the Xbox in the UK."

That's impressive considering the competition has The most powerful console in the world AND the Most Cheapest console in the world...with GAMEPASS.

morganfell36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


It is impressive. It goes to show what actually matters. There has been some lag in these Amazon numbers recently because it is taking longer to update than normal. The other thing is it still doesn't give you totals. If you look at the monthly breakdowns that are available, you could see two items in 1st and 2nd place respectively. But they could be separated by 50k units. Its why looking at the yearly rather than the monthly gives a better take because it gives you something of an idea of distancing. Even so they could technically be only a few hundred units apart. Without raw numbers it is barely more than a litmus test. None of this is really going to matter until the first of the year.

36d ago
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Angyobangyo36d ago

For this gen you might be right, but seeing as all major Japanese electronic retailers as well as Amazon and MS Store all sold out their pre-orders in Japan in minutes says that they’re doing something right marketing their next system and services. Credit to MS for trying to break the market here after numerous attempts.

yomfweeee36d ago

Pre-orders selling out doesn't mean anything when we have absolutely no numbers.

CaptainObvious87836d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Refreshing to see basically everyone here immediately identified that headline for the PR BS that it is.

MS never stop, do they.

SierraGuy35d ago

They need to worry about USA before Japan 😆.

Sophisticated_Chap35d ago

I bet you've never eaten a sushi roll in your life!

MightyHealthy35d ago

jeezus chrise man, you sound bitter af

35d ago
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WireMucks36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Well if you go from 4 a week to 7 ,.. that is almost 100% increase,.. So technically it is.

Thundercat7736d ago

Exactly. They want to sell it as is Xbox is killing it on Japan when we all know what's the true story.

GameZenith36d ago


Link me to data that shows Xbox selling 4 a week and going to 7 the next.

Notellin36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's best not to engage with the trolls on here. Most news sites have political leanings and N4G worships Sony in a similar fashion.

SullysCigar36d ago

^ Notellin, that's sage advice. However...behold, your last two comments:

"You have no clue you uneducated swine." - yesterday

"Yeah but Sony fanboys tho." - yesterday

It sure looks like you're not helping the situation - perhaps you should take you're own advice and you'd be happier.

chiefJohn11736d ago

I think the cloud streaming could be a big hit in Japan for them. If they market it with 3rd party companies

P_Bomb35d ago

GamePass on mobile could be their way in.

Saijahn36d ago

MS is doing almost everything right heading into next gen, I'm really not surprised. The most consumer friendly platform, the services, the games, the's a win on all fronts for MS.

Bathyj36d ago

What games? I haven't seen any games. We probably won't until it's in your house.

chiefJohn11735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You must be blind and deaf, btw is travesty your alt account? It's kinda obvious lol

Bathyj35d ago

Well I saw a bunch on PC games at that PC showcase they had. Haven't seen anything running on a series X That was my point.

And alt account? Really new guy? I've been here probably longer than you've been alive.

travestyj36d ago

Yeah launching a new console with absolutely no big games for the first year and delaying Halo. Huge win

Saijahn36d ago

Halo is coming in the first year.

23 studios full of content, but no games? Y'all can't still be selling this narrative.

God of war can come within the first year and you guys be excited but halo can't ?


Ps5 launching with glorified cross gen dlc and a $70 remaster...but that's fine 😂

Knock it off. We all playing the waiting game for actual next gen games, stop lying to yourselves

36d ago
travestyj36d ago

23 studios yet none of them are releasing any new games for over a year.

I mentioned Halo, it looked so awful thry had to delay it and doesn't have a release date. God of War is above anything MS will release the entire next generation.

Spiderman MM and Spiderman Remaster will be better than any games Microsoft releases for the forseeable future. That's how abysmal their lineup is.

FlavorLav0136d ago

Keep it in you pants. “Everything right”? Then where is Halo or any other major 1st party franchise at launch?...and no, gamepass is not a legit substitute for a launch line-up of new games or big exclusives in general that can’t be played elsewhere.

Saijahn36d ago

I said almost everything right..but I see any positive comment about MS goes in one eyeball and out the other on here.

No bias at all 😉

yomfweeee36d ago

Games? AHahahaha.

Hell Microsoft could be putting out first party exclusives on PS5 before they do on their own system (Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo).

BehindTheRows36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

If they aren't getting the games right (you know, just THE MOST IMPORTANT THING about a console), then they have a long road ahead and are already steps behind their competition where it matters.

PS-Gamer-198635d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Nah certain cultists are used to worshipping services and hardware for years by now. The diehards don't care about games at all anymore because the green lord taught them not to

andy8536d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The difference is PS has plenty of other games to rely on coming out, Xbox doesn't have a single one. Your absolute mainstay Halo isn't out anywhere near launch, thats inexcusable. We can talk about God of War because it wasn't expected in 2021. Halo was touted as a launch game.

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Chriswheeler2236d ago

That some reaching PR there lol.