Here’s Hoping Microsoft Purchasing Bethesda Doesn’t Start An Arms Race

Rocket Chainsaw: Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda is the largest first party acquisition yet and It has the potential to trigger an arms race that could harm choice.

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Father__Merrin27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Companies buying up companies in a tit for that wouldnt be a good idea. If you just 2 or 3 firms controlling all the publishers and developers it would be shitty all round.

mikeslemonade27d ago

Wrong.. Exclusivity is best for gamers. Competition is good and makes the developers earn it and try harder. Where’s the competition and incentive to work harder if you are Ubisoft who makes games for 10 platforms, you will sell millions of any game without even making a quality game.

Father__Merrin27d ago

I agree exclusivity matters that's why Sony is leading exclusive quality games that are found on one pltaform

CaptainObvious87827d ago (Edited 27d ago )


Ubisoft has competition from a thousand other devs because they all release games on the same problems. If you make a poor game, users will just buy another game because they have options.

But maybe in the future, slimy publishers have bought all other ARPG devs out, and you can't afford to buy another console, or subscribe to another service.

Anyone championing this disgusting move by MS needs to take a very very long walk...

mikeslemonade26d ago

^No they don’t lots of bad games sell well on mobile. Ubisoft just needs to make 80 meta score games and do well.

Microsoft is good, they should buy take two.

PhiberFrenzy27d ago

All companies in an arms race need liquid cash.

TheOtherMoon27d ago

Yes... in order to purchase something you need cash on hand or an asset to sell (or to hold as collateral). Thank you for your insight Mnuchin

jukins27d ago

Are you insinuating that sony doesnt have liquid cash?

itsmebryan27d ago

Not a much as Microsoft. Are you insinuating Sony has more liquid cash than Microsoft?

Sayai jin27d ago

Jukins, Sony doesn't have remotely the same level of cash on hand to go in a arms race of buying studios or publishers against Microsoft. Mucrosoft has roughly $137 billion, in contrast Sony' cash on hand is 33 billion. Microsoft's cash on hand -is the most of any company in the world. Sony's cash on hand is not even top 10.

Also, Sony doesn't need to got tith for tat. Their first party portfolio arguablly the best.

jukins27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Lol but they have it. . And as far as cash on hand being the most Apple would like a word at over $200 billion. Theres not a publisher or developer that sony couldn't buy.

phoenixwing27d ago

It could start an arms race. Ubisoft seems buddy buddy on Amazon's website for luna.

gamer780427d ago

just a marketing deal, they have no real long term interest in stadia luna

arkard27d ago

Amazon might have a long term interest in Ubisoft though

Espangerish27d ago

Competition is good for gaming but exclusives are not great for the consumer.

Imagine a world where multiplat games become a rare thing and all the really big titles are exclusives. We would end up having to buy an Xbox, PS5, PC and switch at a cost of thousands just to have access to games we want and then still need to pay for the games after that. It would be that or miss out.

PC is possibly going the same way with the likes of Epic trying to compete locking down exclusive content.

You end up with the hassle of having all the different accounts and launchers and pieces of plastic under the tv and paying much much more to play the games you want.

Not a good vision of the future.

phoenixwing27d ago

Different launchers for pc is hardly much of an inconvenience compared to consoles.

arkard27d ago

Exclusives sell systems. Does it suck to miss out on games sure. But exclusives are used to market the console, they show some of the most innovation generation after generation. That's a win for gamers

crazyCoconuts27d ago

@arkard is right. Competition is good and exclusives are needed to maintain competition. I don't like that MS is using $ instead of ingenuity to compete, and they should be watched for anti-competitive behavior, but as much as I dislike MS, we don't want Sony being the only player in the console landscape.

DEEHULK8827d ago

Google, Apple, and pretty much any competing company in existence used money to acquire assets to add to their portfolio. Nothing new here, just a bunch of people mad at Microsoft because they wanted to keep using the same tired narratives against them, but they can't now.

Father__Merrin27d ago

Without exclusives why should someone invest in your platform?

got_dam27d ago

I was a gamer in the 90s..... multiplatform was FAR less common then. It happened, but it was way more rare. 16 bit era you would see "multiplatform" games there were very different games. Like shadowrun.

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TheGreatGazoo3027d ago

While I do agree both will continue to buy some studios, those will probably not be the massive purchases like this (unless WB goes back on the market and MS buy them). Bethesda is huge, but many of their amazing games aren't huge hits for their smaller studios. Thus purchase will help increase exposure to those great games and provides stability for them as well. I also don't think Sony is dumb enough to try and get in an arms race buying studios. MS has enough cash reserves to buy Sony and still have tens of billions in cash left. That's not a fight you want to pick.

crazyCoconuts27d ago

I agree. You inherently lose value when you buy a studio just to restrict the potential customer base that your can sell your product to. An arms race there is a race to the bottom.

itsmebryan27d ago

But, that why you can't play Spiderman on Xbox. A system seller is not a multi platform game. Death loop and Ghost wire: Tokyo are perfect example. Sony bought those third party games just to keep them away from Xbox and market as exclusives to get people to buy PS5. Are you saying there should be no console exclusives?

This gen knowing that the XSX is more powerful than the PS5 would be any reason to by the PS5 if it didn't have exclusives?

crazyCoconuts27d ago

@its I'm not sure what point you think you're arguing here. My comment is related to the relative financial positions of these companies and abilities to swallow up companies, not whether exclusives work out not. Of course they work

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