FIFA 21's Lack of a Demo Is Ominous News

Look, it isn’t unusual for developers to forgo releasing a demo. When it’s FIFA, though, most gamers itch for a trial run to sink their teeth into before the final game’s release. This year FIFA 21 isn’t being released as a demo at all…

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xTonyMontana26d ago

Doesn't EA still do the whole play 3-5 days in advance or whatever it is with their subscription thing? I remember that special deal (obviously designed to milk fans for even more money) absolutely destroyed Battlefront 2 and gave them no end of controversy. Assuming the same thing is in place, we should know in advance what state the game is at.. still won't stop the morons talking up a day one patch but anybody with half a brain will see through that crap considering it's EA.

sizeofyou26d ago to 10 hours play from 1 October 'til release date has been confirmed...

outsider162426d ago

Lack of demo? Lol. What're you talking about? Fifa 20 WAS the demo.

lisasayang26d ago

what ever lah fifa lets play it

anast26d ago

There's no point, It will be the same as 20.

TheColbertinator26d ago

Just play FIFA 20. Same damn idea.

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