Amazon announces new cloud gaming service called Luna

Another big company jumps into cloud gaming.

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Jin_Sakai1165d ago

Can’t be worse than Stadia that’s for sure. Lol

-Foxtrot1165d ago

Amazon and Stadia could team up and I still don't think people would give a shit.

RightFootGames1165d ago

It doesn't matter if people don't want it if they all force it and the publishers willingly stop making games for consoles and PC's.

Mr Pumblechook1165d ago

The logo is similar to something else in the gaming/tech space but I can't remember what!

ShadowKing-1165d ago

Stadia, almost forgot about that service. lol

SamPao1165d ago

@Mr Pumblechook looks very similar to the proton VPN logo

morganfell1164d ago

Yeah it would be difficult to get below stadia. The other thing is google tends to abandon projects that do not take off immediately and Amazon often, not always, but often tries to improve it until it works.

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RpgSama1165d ago

Such a stupid name, and I thought Stadia was bad.

"Dude, let's go play Luna!" Said no one ever.

trekka131165d ago

how could they it hasn't existed

-Foxtrot1165d ago

People say Luna

I think of Sailor Moon

Sorry Amazon...

Fishy Fingers1165d ago

Names like "Alexa" and "luna" are usually selected for voice recognition purposes, they're easily identified.

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P_Bomb1164d ago

I immediately thought of ‘Lunar’ from Sega CD.

DarXyde1164d ago

Don't underestimate Amazon. No one's said it because it wasn't a thing.

They're evil geniuses, and I genuinely hope the dedicated gamers fight hard against them. I think we're going to see songs rather aggressive acquisitions.

Microsoft's purchase of Zenimax is arguably a good thing. Amazon is probably going to do something extreme. They likely will purchase a studio with very prominent IPs.

The industry is becoming unrecognizable in some ways.

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Muzikguy1165d ago

I'm a bit unimpressed lately with the offerings of Prime. They should beef that up instead of going for cloud gaming

lelo2play1165d ago

If Amazon start buying big studios like Take Two, Activision, EA, Ubisoft... it's going to be a catastrophe.
They have the money...

DarXyde1164d ago

Bethesda's acquisition makes more sense now:

Microsoft is now in a position to keep their games off those platforms, but likely still on other consoles.

It's a pretty effective sleight against Amazon, Google, and now with Apple's decision, iOS devices.


bujasem_891164d ago

@mr pumblechook just throwing a hat here. Abstergo industries?

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FourCoOpPOP21165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Where do they come up with these game streaming service names?

4Sh0w1165d ago

pffft, haha I love the internet..if cant find something to laugh about you're dead.

Unknown_Gamer57941165d ago

Thanks for that. Now I'm wondering if Google's Alexa and Amazon's Luna are chicks the executives met at some bar in Vegas and had a fun time with one night before an important board meeting.

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porkChop1165d ago

It means moon. I'm not sure what they mean with that.

morganfell1165d ago

You’ll be up all night gaming. Or maybe RaidenBlack is correct..,

Marquinho1165d ago

Females names.

They might assume they sound more friendly.

phoenixwing1165d ago

females are considered more friendly everywhere. Whether or not they're more friendly because they're better at manipulation is up for grabs but at least they smile if and when they decide to stab you in the back. All in good fun lol

Rocketisleague1164d ago

Mate if you ever worked with cloud services you'd be driven insane with the names