PS5 Preorders Will Be Available At GameStop Stores And Online Tomorrow

GameStop announced it will have more PS5 consoles available to preorder tomorrow, September 25, both online and in stores. The retailer did not share a specific time for the restock.

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NecrumOddBoy31d ago

Also, Sony sent out a second batch of direct preorders.... unnecessary panic out the gate.

Christopher31d ago

Unnecessary in hindsight. But no one knew what was happening or available until Sony told us two days after they were sold out.

mikeslemonade31d ago

Looks like I’m camping out tonight outside at GameStop.

31d ago
outsider162431d ago

God damn! And here i am in India, we still don't have a price and no preorders yet. Meanwhile the XboxS is already up for preorders since day before yesterday.

Anyone here from India too? Why is it taking this long?

31d ago
morganfell31d ago


Sony obviously stumbled out of the gate. There are a lot of custom components in the PS5 but hopefully over the next month they will start to push stock to you.

There is only this:

Which indicates the Bureau of Indian Standards, that choked the PS4 may be partially at fault.

S2Killinit30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Regardless, I will be camping to get my brother one for Christmas. Unbeknownst to me, my gf preordered mine through her best buy gold membership, fully paid! She earned major cookie points, I know.

C-H-E-F30d ago

negative, people act like they never preordered anything before LOL, it's insane, i've been around for the ps2, ps3 & ps4 launches all of them were similar, except the ps3 because people were getting killed in line over the console.

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Magatsuhi31d ago

Well I didn't get an email and who knows if I'll get a pre-order online? Looks like my panic will continue.

Ready4nxtgen31d ago

How is it unnecessary and 100s and maybe millions of people didn't get a preorder? And probably still won't tommorow? And this batch is the batch that is comeing out after launch

RgR31d ago

Because it happened last time and will happen next time. Completely unnecessary panic. Everyone claims to have huge backlogs...why not take it easy and catch up...after your done you will easily find a ps5

Teflon0231d ago

LMAO because you think any console launch will ever supply enough consoles lol. If it does, that launch wasn't the greatest. It was pretty obvious they'd have a second wave of preorders. They do plan on releasing more than last gen at launch so it would only make sense that they didn't completely sell out in 2 hours lol

jukins31d ago

Because its a videochame console. . .any panic over it shows a a severe separation from reality

CrimsonWing6931d ago

You don’t think it’ll be mass chaos tomorrow?

morganfell30d ago

I already have my preorders but I went to GameStop to get Mafia. There were a lot of people in the short time I was there, but most of them didn’t enter the store due to the sign on the door announcing no PS5s. The manager said there had been a long line at opening and they sold out today’s store allocation as soon as the doors opened.

Jin_Sakai31d ago

“ Also, Sony sent out a second batch of direct preorders.... unnecessary panic out the gate.”

Finally got the acceptance email from Sony for PS5 pre orders. Hoping I secure one this time around! 🤞

gameslayer241131d ago

I wish you the best of luck! I got mine in the first batch and secured my order. The process was super smooth and hassle-free, way better than the rush at other online retailers.

Jin_Sakai31d ago

“I wish you the best of luck! I got mine in the first batch and secured my order. The process was super smooth and hassle-free, way better than the rush at other online retailers.“

Thanks! Hopefully it will go smooth for me. I’ve been incredibly unlucky so far. Glad to hear you secured one yourself.

ziggurcat30d ago

Good luck on that. Hope you snag one.

Jin_Sakai30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Finally got a PS5 Digital Edition from the Sony invitation! Hopefully others are able to get theirs today. I feel their pain.

SyntheticForm30d ago

Congrats, man.

Hope you get it this time.

I got the GameStop bundle a few hours ago!

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sourOG31d ago

If you can, do it this way. I did this and it was much less annoying than trying to get a Series x with the retail refresh hopping.

Sayai jin31d ago

Good luck folks! I was fortunate and snagged three PS5s on the first day preorders.

Sayai jin30d ago

Update: Gamestop is sold out. I hope people were able to preorder. I snagged another. Don't believe their websote when it says you are in line, there is no need to refresh.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen30d ago

The PlayStation Direct pre-orders are starting in 30 minutes. If anyone has an invite you better get it in and log in.

zacfoldor30d ago

Well, panic is never good, but I don't think everyone who wants a PS5 is going to be able to get one this holiday. In fact, I think they will be very hard to find, so I don't think I would just assume I could pick one up easily.

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miacosa31d ago

Fingers crossed. Hopefully bots won't crash the site.

Rude-ro31d ago

The email from Sony is a specific tie in to your psn. So it will be the best place if you recurved your email.
Best Buy has a waiting room.. but not sure how that works.
GameStop has a waiting room as well.
So retailers may be taking steps to avoid the scenario they themselves created. Not Sony.
But just helpful info.
Sonys invite starts at 10pm pacific time,
No clue for actual retailers.
Amazon allows you to sign up... < but no clue if that is an invite list, or just a “hey, we are taking orders”.

moomoo31930d ago

Got through the gamestop waiting room this morning EST and it was already sold out 😵😵

Silly Mammo30d ago

Got into Gamrstop's waiting room 4 times but still didn't get one.

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Father__Merrin31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

There needs to be a way if stopping scalpers ebaying them off

ocelot0731d ago

eBay should stop none business seller listing items that are not in hand. In other words if they don't have a PS5 on hand ready to ship (which is impossible) you should not be able to list it.

morganfell31d ago

Ebay's policy used to specify preorder items up for sale are to be within 30 days of the item launch but they never enforced this. I am not sure if they have changed this requirement or not. There was some loophole employed by Games Workshop recently that saw all scalper versions of a Warhammer 40k box set removed. Not sure how they did this since other box items from them are being scalped.

blackblades31d ago

There is, dont buy them on eBay. Let those b's waste there money when no one buys them. Gotta be an idiot to by those systems its not even worth $1000

arkard31d ago

It's a no risk scenario though. No one buys the jacked up eBay console, just return it

TheColbertinator31d ago

Many of those buyers are wealthy folk from countries that do not have the PS5 officially releasing yet. Difficult to block them from treating scalpers.

GamingSinceForever31d ago

I have a coworker that has 5 PS5 preorders. 2 Target, 2 Amazon, and 1 Best Buy. He already has been offered $900 for them. He said I could have one for retail but I told him if someone is dumb enough to pay you that much get money. I have patience.

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Majin-vegeta31d ago

I know GS is doing in store orders at 12 p.m when they open.Best to call and ask ylur local store

morganfell31d ago

I am going in tomorrow to pick up Mafia for the PS4 and the manager there told me she is only getting 6 units, all disc versions.

mikeslemonade31d ago

Dang. The associate wouldn’t tell me the numbers. If it’s six you won’t get it unless you camp like 2 hours ago.

morganfell31d ago

I already have 2. One from that store and one from best buy. I just want my Mafia for the weekend. They had 12 PS5s on the first wave and only 6 Xboxes on their run. Still it looks like the PS5 is running in very short supply worldwide.

MADGameR31d ago

I've already gotten my pre-order on the PS5 disc based version in the 1st wave so I'm all set :D Good luck to all who intend to pre-order the PS5.