Boundary Ray Tracing Benchmark cannot run with 60fps on the RTX2080Ti without DLSS, even at 1080p

DSOGaming writes: "Surgical Scalpels has just released the ray tracing benchmark tool for Boundary and the results on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti are not that great."

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Computersaysno31d ago

Probably because it's the most next gen, real time rendering seen anywhere right now. Nothing available to the public is close to it. RTX3080 barely does the business.

It's paradigm shift where extreme emphasis is put upon ray tracing effects. Saying that it's also a benchmark, where everything is pushed to the upper limit and likely does not represent the performance of the game it is based upon.

Just a small reduction of quality or accuracy of these effects would likely yield significant performance gains to actually run as a playable game. Extreme settings can give extreme framerate drops for only minor improvement in image quality. Everyone has seen that a hundred times.

If they leave this level of high grade quality in the settings, then maybe you can revisit that in a couple years when the 3080 is replaced with something even faster.