Prepare to Raze Hell: Doom Eternal is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1 - Xbox Wire

Doom Eternal has been called one of the best first-person shooters ever. If you haven’t already experienced its unique brand of fast-paced, push-forward, first-person combat, now’s the time to blast your way into id Software’s critically acclaimed game coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 1 and Xbox Game Pass for PC later in 2020.

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TranceHop 25d ago

It's insane now the Doom franchise is an Xbox first-party game. Can't wait to play Doom Eternal on Game Pass

Kavorklestein24d ago

I own all the other Doom games and almost bought Eternal like 5 times on sale. But I wanted the Ultimate Edition and it was never quite cheap enough. Now I can play on Game pass, and buy just the Season Pass! Haha

Tedakin24d ago

Currently my GOTY and that was way before the MS buyout. I've loved Doom since I was a kid and Eternal may be the best one.

StoneColdCrazy24d ago

Exactly and I need to admit Gamepass is game changer for Us.. I’m waiting what Sony will do to avoid growing gap between them and the rest of gamers especially Pc gamers.

Truplaya24d ago

My game of year too. Might as well trade my disc copy in now and download off gamepass :)

ElementX24d ago

I'm going to purchase Doom Eternal, screw GP

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