A Primer on the Simple and Custom Storage Options Available for Xbox Series X

For Xbox players, backwards compatibility and Xbox Game Pass have made it possible for us all to have libraries of games at our fingertips at the beginning of the new console generation. One of the promises of Xbox Series X|S is the ability to play four generations of games.

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darthv7237d ago

I'm probably going to wait on getting a proprietary memory expansion. I'd get one if it was 2tb or more and by that time the prices should likely come down as well as the 3rd party market for compatible cards will be there.

I do tend to swap my little game drive between xbo units in my house. Unplugging my drive from the X and plug into an SX will be great.

NEXUS-636d ago

What's this 3rd party market you speak of? These are proprietary products - only made by 1 manufacturer.

jalutaja36d ago

It belongs to MS, not to Seagate.

NEXUS-636d ago

There's only one manufacturer though - just like the 360 HDD. The point I was making is that the prices won't go down unless ms or Seagate decide they will.

darthv7236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Seagate makes them now because they partnered with them on the surface mounted storage but other makers are already in talks with MS (its even alluded to in this primer) that as things progress there will be other options. Sony was the only one who made memory cards for PS1 and PS2 for a while but then they allowed 3rd party ones to be made so long as they were built to the same specs.

And prices will go down as more companies release compatible units.

JayRyu36d ago

I got the expandable storage. I took the plunge now so I won't have to think about it for at least a year. I do wish that it would have been 2 Tb though.

DazaMc36d ago

If you move all your older games onto an external HDD the built in 1 tb should last OK.