R-Type Final 2 Announced for Xbox Series X; New Trailer Revealed

During the Xbox Tokyo Game Show livestream, Granzella announced a new platform for R-Type Final 2, Xbox Series X.

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darthv7236d ago

Final on PS2 is such a good game and I know Irem pretty much gave up on the franchise but I am so glad there are dedicated shmup fans keeping it alive.

autobotdan36d ago

R-type on Xbox Series X! Bring it! Welcome to the next gen R-type

Retroman35d ago

Hold on there buddy,
it is coming to PS4 as well.

autobotdan35d ago

PS4 is not next Gen. Ps4 is current gen. Xbox series X is next gen. Maybe a ps5 update will also come to the ps4 version

Retroman35d ago

According to
it is coming to Xbox series x, PS4 and PS5. you could be right update version will also come to PS4

autobotdan35d ago

R-type is back! I was a kickstarter backer. I'm proud of that =)

jukins36d ago

Been awhile since I played rtype can wait to see all the eye candy

ArthriticPowers35d ago

Forgot about this gem..... can't wait!