GameStop surges 28% after plan to turn into Amazon rival

GameStop surged 28% on Tuesday after a report from Bloomberg detailed a yet-to-be-revealed investment plan for the retailer to expand into ecommerce and rival Amazon.

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VenomUK36d ago

I never predicted this!

I assumed Gamestop, like GAME in the UK, would slowly decline. So more options to rival Amazon is good for the consumer.

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franwex36d ago

If you predicted it, I hope you bought some stock as it was really cheap.

mikeslemonade36d ago

Amazon will price them out, look for those nice preorder promotions to start back up. Competition is good.

Seraphim36d ago

if they can deliver I'd welcome it. I started using Amazon back in like '03 because they were reliable and I was able to order games I wanted that weren't carried locally. Then it was more or less being a Prime member, the $10 discount at one point.... Now they've become to big for their own good. Often aren't reliable and time and time again by the time a Collector's Edition or Console is actually listed it's already "currently unavailable." So if Gamestop can offer a program that has free release date shipping for a reasonable cost and are reliable with shipping and games arriving on release date then I'm all for giving them a shot. It's pretty rare I even pre-order a game from Amazon anymore. If it's something I know Walmart or Meijer will most likely I'll just pick up release day. If it's something that won't be carried then I'll order from the publishers website if possible.

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BrainSyphoned36d ago

They are begging to be bought out by Walmart.

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elazz36d ago

Ah, I Wonder how r/wallstreetbets reacted to this :p

jukins36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'll say it once I'll say it again... gamestop needs to become the blockbuster of games.... all these used systems games juat sitting. Hell they could even do mail in only like gamefly AND still have the physical store. They could essentially charge the same price as microsoft for gamepass. . . But you'd gave access to more platforms and maybe even systems for an additional charge.

But I don't know what's with these companies thinking going head on with behemoths like Amazon is a good idea.

Also of sidenote wtf does bloomberg have so much pull simple rumors from them can add or shave millions off you company worth in less than a minute

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Rebel_Scum36d ago

The blockbuster of games? So you want them to go out of business lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.